Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dale and Jami participated in FGB6 this weekend and tore up the workout! Dale took first place in his division!

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  1. o
    my goodness!!! that is soooo awesome Dale!!!! way to go!!! good job yall!!! my paloe is going goodtoday i had chicken tacos in lettuce cups, and dinner was sweetpotatoes and turkey. i avoided beer and cupcakes saturday night, and candy today. those were my temptations this weekend. sat night we went to outback, i had seared tuna and veggies.

  2. Great Job Dale! Still paleo but had a slip up last week. We can call it accidental but there really are no accidents. I bought shrimp and coctail sauce package at costo, opened it up and finished half of the sauce before i realized. Should have probably stopped but i finished the other half. Bad me. But back on track for the weekend, lots of salad, steak, eggs, some chicken, grapes, and a little OJ.

  3. Sunday
    WOD - 400 meter run for warm up and then 200 squats for time - 8:33
    breakfast - scrambled eggs, one sausage, cantaloupe
    lunch - grilled fish and coleslaw 1/2 order
    dinner - second half of lunch

  4. Jennifer-good job on avoiding the beer, cupcakes and candy!
    Lewis- shame on you! haha! there are worse cheats, right? not too bad! Keep up the good work!
    Dale-holy cow! do you ever take a day off? you are on a mission!