Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paleo Snackers!

Paleo diet expert Loren Cordain, Ph.D. says "The Paleo diet isn't an oddity. What's odd is the way we've been eating the last 10,000 years, and particularly the last 200."  Read more at Runners World.


  1. awesome quote! can't wait to see everyone on Wednesday!! You guys TOTALLY killed it last night...i'm so proud! : )

  2. Even if we don't physically see the results in front of us yet, every single Paleo effort is changing our bodies from the inside. You guys keep us from getting discouraged, thanks JP

  3. you are so right jackie!! that will be most evident if you decide to cheat when the challenge is over! After my first challenge, I cheated and it tore up my stomach for a few days! You don't realize what that crap food is doing to you inside until you totally clean up your diet, then reintroduce something bad!

  4. exactly, amy...if and when you decide to go back to "regular" food, try and do it one item at a time and see how it affects you...if you do it all you wont know which bad thing is messing you up.
    Breakfast:eggs, bacon, black coffee
    Lunch: sirloin steak, guac, spring mix with lemon juice.
    dinner...to be announced...