Monday, September 19, 2011

Paleo Week 3

4 rounds for time
10 pull ups
400 meter run

For an easy paleo meal, throw a roast, carrots, onions, celery, and kale in the crockpot. Hope everyone stayed paleo over the weekend! Let's see some recipes posted!


  1. We had some amazing Paleo lasagna last week... Ask Taryn and Trinity for their recipe and then Amy's and compare!!

  2. It's the same recipe, I just added spinach! It's the paleo lasagna on Everyday Paleo's website.

    Still staying paleo. threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot with some veggies.

    blended two bananas with coconut milk for a dessert.

  3. Nice paleo day: eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch, will dinner be steak? Special thanks to my "escorts" on the last run last night, you make me want to try harder. The support i get from all of you is incredible. Welcome back, Rodney!

  4. on the work out did ring rows instead of pull ups. Time 16:29
    Breakfast - apple cider vinegar in tomato juice, two slices apple
    Lunch - tuna salad on one slice whole wheat bread
    snack - almonds, carrots
    dinner - salad with organic baby spinach and kale.

  5. Tuesday work out
    Warm up
    10 push ups
    10 sit ups
    10 hollow rocks
    10 arch ups
    30 sec hand stand hold
    5 rounds
    200 meter run
    10 air squats
    10 push ups

    Breakfast - apple cider vinegar in tomato juice, banana
    lunch - tuna salad on one slice wheat bread
    snack - almonds
    supper - salad with organic baby spinach