Saturday, October 1, 2011

Have a No Cheat Weekend!

This is the last weekend of our Paleo Challenge. Don't "cave" in to cravings! Stay strong to the end!

See if you recognize anyone in CrossFit Rockwall's Battle of the Rock video.
Good job Jennifer and Lewis!


  1. Staying paleo so far, i have had water this morning. New deadlift max: 275lbs

  2. Breakfast: bacon, sweet potatoes sliced and cooked in the bacon grease, spinach and tomato omlette!
    Awesome job on the deadlift Lewis!
    And cleans are looking amazing!

  3. WOD for Saturday
    Warm up
    10 push-ups
    10 wall squats
    10 good mornings
    10 hollow rocks
    10 arch rocks
    30 second hand stand hold
    200 meter run
    10 rounds
    10 sit-ups
    10 push-ups
    10 air squats
    Paleo for Saturday
    Apple cider vinegar in 4 oz tomato juice
    Breakfast – apple
    Snack – banana
    Lunch – no lunch
    Snack – almonds
    Dinner – salad with organic baby spinach
    Drank 1 gallon of water with lemon