Friday, January 20, 2012

For time
Run 400
11x Squat clean & jerk (135#/95#)
50x Push-ups
11x Squat clean & jerk
50x Sit-ups
11x Squat clean & jerk
50x Box jumps (20 inch)
11x Squat clean & jerk
50x Pull-ups
Run 400

Mod reps. Rx 50. Int. 30. Beg. 20

Introducing gliadin:
–Gliadin is the most abundant protein in wheat, contained within gluten polymers.
–Gliadin of 2012 is different from the gliadin of, say, 1960, by several amino acids, part of the genetic transformation of wheat introduced to increase yield-per-acre.
–Gliadin is degraded to a collection of polypeptides called exorphins in the gastrointestinal tract. Exorphins cross the blood-brain barrier and bind to opiate-receptors to induce appetite, as well as behavioral changes, such as behavioral outbursts and inattention in children with ADHD and autism, hearing voices and social detachment in schizophrenics, and the mania of bipolar illness.
–People who consume gliadin consume 400 calories more per day; people who remove gliadin reduce calorie intake by 400 calories per day.
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  1. 1st Jennifer Guthrie, 6am Tues/Thurs/Fri classes. We want to see you back in the gym!!! (Great job on the pushups everyday!)

    2nd This morning:
    12 min AMRAP
    12 toes to bar
    12 box jumps
    Dale 7 (modified 24 hollow rocks, 16" box)
    Brandon 8+17 rx'd 24" box
    Asa 6+5 (modified 20" box, NEED some more tall boxes!!)

    Great job this morning!!

  2. OK, I'm going thru and tallying for this first two weeks and looking neck and neck.

    More importantly though I saw Tom did 100 pushups in 5:14 and it took me 6:58 last week. I want to have a push-off! :) Great job Tom!!

  3. b: eggs and bacon
    L: steak, chicken strips, shrimp
    d: chicken and veggie stir fry

    go caveman crushersssss

  4. b: bacon and eggs
    l: paleo blt
    d: chicken and veggie stir fry

    wod: 50 push ups

    go caveman crushers!

  5. 25 push ups

    eggs bacon sausage sweet potatoes
    brisket chicken mixed veggie
    mixed fruit
    Go Team Amy
    Jackie Brown

  6. 75 pushups

    B: eggs, bacon, homemade sausage, sweet potatoes, and broccoli
    L: apple
    D: chicken, brisket, cole slaw, and veggies

    Go Team Amy!

  7. B: strawberries
    l: pork loin sweet potatoes
    d: shrimp veggies
    S: ginger lara bar, banana and almond butter
    50 pushups
    Jennifer Guthrie team amy!

  8. B scramble eggs with mix veggies
    L salad from Jason's Deli
    D turkey burger and avocado
    S almonds and apple

    Great work out today! Thanks Jamie

    30 push ups today
    Go team WW!!!!

  9. B last of breakfast casserole
    S sunflower kernels
    L Chili
    D grilled pork chops & veggies

    WOD walked at the park with my son

    Go Team WW

  10. Current TEAM scores:
    Amy - 1,821
    Jami - 1,585
    Asa - 1,805

    Amy's Team has 2 of the leading scorers, Tom and Jennifer Guthrie with their consistant posting and monstrous pushups!
    (possibly the 3 leading scorers, once Dale let's us know how many pushups he has this week from his burpee challenge!!)

    Jami's Team has the most consistant posters, push upers, and worker outers and once Melissa is feeling better, they will be back in the game!

    Asa's Team great consistancy and a good number of pushups from Asa, Will and Trish!!

  11. B - Paleo Quiche
    L - Paleo Meatloaf
    D - Bone-in Ribeye and Spinach

    GO TEAM WW!!! I woke up this morning feeling like myself again...cant wait to get back in the gym to help my team pull their points up!

  12. WOD
    12 min AMRAP
    24 hollowrocks
    box jumps - 16" box
    7 rounds
    B - apple cider vinegar, boiled egg
    S - boiled egg
    L - two eggs on grated squash w/garlic
    S - almonds
    D - SouperSalad salad with bell pepper, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, vinaigrette dressing and vegetarian lentil soup

  13. B- Sausage Stirfry Breakfast
    L- Steak, Chicken and Fruit
    D- Tuna & Vegtables

    Xtra PUs- 50

  14. B-banana, 4 strips of bacon, coffee
    S-apple & orange
    L-grilled chicken & beef with grilled veggies
    S-apple & almond butter
    D-bunless burger with all the veggies

    WOD was a challenge for me, the pull ups kicked my butt!
    31:48 not too proud of it

  15. B- Eggs and ham
    L- No time today
    S- Mini Lararba
    D- Chicken and broccili

    WOD Results

    40 Push ups!

  16. B- Eggs and sausage
    L- Baked Fish and Sweet potatoes
    S- Mini Lararba
    D- lettuce wrapped buiger

    WOD Results

    40 Push ups!