Friday, January 27, 2012

FREE Saturday WOD 1/28/12

3 rounds
Run 200m
12x Power clean (185#/115#)
6x Push jerk

Join us for a FREE workout tomorrow at 9:00am! 

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  1. I fell asleep last night before I posted:(
    Yesterday b: 2eggs blueberries
    L: chicken cucumber carrots orange
    D: bowl o' beef, organic ground beef, rest of cucumber/carrot
    S: banana. Cashew butter, and a lara bar
    ran 2 miles,and stretched

  2. Asa for CaveManCrushersJanuary 27, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    Broke out the "slosh pipe" this morning for warm up!!
    DB thrusters
    game style pushups
    200m run (only one after each round, not 15 200m runs, haha!)
    time: can't remember!!! this is why we write it down dang it. 6:21 or 7:21 maybe...

  3. B - breakfast sausage scrambled with eggs, onions, spinach, and mushrooms
    L - paleo meatloaf with sweet potato mash
    D - TBD

    GO TEAM WW!! See everyone in class today!

  4. B grapefruit
    L salad
    S nuts
    D pulled pork with sweet potato

    No WOD saving up for free workout Saturday

    Go Team WW

  5. B: eggs, with pork roast, onions, and peppers
    L: turkey, with baked sweet potato
    D: Paleo Spaghetti

    30 double unders

    Go team Amy!

  6. B: eggs, with pork roast, onions, and peppers
    L: turkey, with baked sweet potato
    D: Paleo Spaghetti

    WOD: stretched

    Go team Amy!
    Jackie Brown

  7. Paleo left overs for b, l
    Asa made an awesome paleo dinner, I added eggs to it to make it a little better!
    nuts for snack
    wod: took the stairs at work

  8. B eggs and bacon...
    l leftover meatloaf and sweet pot ...
    d chicken and steam veg ...
    s apple w cashew butter

  9. B- Apple
    L- Protein Shake
    S- None
    D- Naked wings

    WOD Results

    100 Double unders

  10. B- Apple
    L- Left over Pork Chops
    S- Pineapples & carrots
    D- Naked wings & Salad

    WOD Results

  11. B-bacon, banana, almonds, coffee
    L-salmon & carrots
    S-dried cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, fruit
    D-advocado, coconut chicken leftovers

    WOD-boxed up year end for the office (went home early & slept)!

  12. WOD
    Workout at gym
    1. One round
    2. 1 mile run/walk – pace never fell below 4.0.
    3. 10 Weight assisted pull ups – 170 lbs
    1. Got full extension going down to work on the scar tissue in my shoulder
    4. 10 Weight assisted dips – 170 lbs
    5. 20 Lateral pull – 105 lbs using small inverted V shaped handle
    6. 20 pectoral flys – 115 lbs
    7. 20 rear deltoid - 55 lbs
    8. 20 seated rows – 75 lbs
    9. Vertical chest press – 120 lbs
    11. Stairs – 20 minutes on fat burner routine
    54 Burpees
    B - three eggs w/ bell pepper and mushrooms
    L - Salad
    D - Salad