Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home WOD


5 Rounds for time:
10 Walking lunges
10 sit ups


  1. Good morning and great job yesterday to everyone!!

    Remember the WOD posted above is modifiable, so if you can't do lunges for example, then do something you can like 100 jump rope, pullups if you have a bar at home, etc. If you can't think of a good modification, then text you team leader!

    Most important post your WOD today or we won't know you did it...

  2. WOD 5 rounds 3:30

    breakfast: 3 eggs, bacon, and sweet potatoes
    Lunch: turkey
    Dinner: Steak, Salad, and Baked Sweet potatoe

    Go Team Amy!!


  3. Breafast eggs bacon sweet potatoes and alvacado
    Go Team Amy!!!!!
    Jackie Brown

  4. wod 5 rounds 3:15
    Go Team Amy
    Jackie Brown

  5. B- Eggs & Bacon
    L- Nake Wings
    S- Larabar (Apple Pie), banana
    D- Baked Pork Chops and Broccoli

    Ran 2.42 miles on the treadmill and did sit-ups.

    Team Jami!

  6. B- Eggs & Sausage
    L- Chicken Salad & Carrots
    S- Larabar (Apple Pie), orange
    D- Baked Pork Chops and Broccoli

    Ran 2.03 miles on the treadmill

    Team Jami!

  7. B: eggs with broccoli
    L: homemade sweet potato fries, chicken soup
    D: more paleo chicken soup

    WOD: 3 rounds while holding baby
    25 sit ups
    25 squats

    Go Team Amy!!! We need a team name!!!

  8. today's WOD for me was modified...
    5 rounds
    10 situps
    10 kettle bell swings with a 10 lb. weight
    time: 5min.29sec.

    B-eggs and bacon
    S-cashews no salt
    D-steak with paleo rub, sweet potatoes & onions & Lewis' guacamole...yumm yumm

    Go Team asa

  9. home wod time: 5:44.4
    b: bacon and eggs
    L: leftover chicken and veggies
    D: Steak, guacamole, fried sweet potatoes

    Worked on jump rope.....go team asa..

  10. B - eggs. Black coffee
    L- turkey w veggies
    D - totally paleo chipotle salad

    Had a banana for snack today

    DL - 217lb x 5
    8 rounds, 2 minutes to complete each round
    3 power cleans @ 95lbs
    3 broad jumps between 91-94 inches

  11. Todays home WOD: 3:08

    b: 4 strips of bacon, tomato, advocado & black coffee
    s: celery, almonds & sunflower seeds
    l: HUGE salmon salad
    s: sliced apple with almond butter = YUMMY!!
    d: shredded chicken taco lettuce wraps with a homemade fresh fruit salad :)

    did i say i was SORE?!? go team Asa!!

  12. B - scrambled eggs w/spinach, mushroom, breakfast sausage and black coffee
    L - paleo spaghetti
    S - banana
    D - paleo spaghetti

    Did the posted WOD today for a time of 6:22


  13. B eggs scrambled w/tomatoes & onions side of bacon
    L salad w/olive oil
    S almonds
    D huge salad w/grilled chicken (thanks Jami for the suggestion)
    Go team JAMI!!!

  14. Go tram!

    B-5 eggs
    L- brisket and a ton of mixed veggies, apple, carrot
    D - some kind of Cajun gumbo goodness Amy put together!!

    No WOD today.

  15. WOD 5 rounds - 3:55
    B - grapefruit
    S - 2 scrambled eggs w/bell pepper
    L - stir fried oriental vegetables
    S - almonds
    D - two mandarin oranges

  16. WOD 5:05

    B- omelette eggs and veggies. Black coffee
    S- apple
    L - pork loin and steam veggies
    S- carrots
    D- salad w eggs, avocado, and chicken