Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rest Day


  1. B - Ginger Snap Larabar, Black Coffee
    L - Fajita meat with lettuce and green peppers
    D - not sure yet.

    WOD: I went shopping for flower girl dresses at Grapevine Mills. I mall walked from 10am to 2pm lol We failed at finding a flower girl dress and just went shopping.

    1. I love ginger snap larabars!

  2. 50 push ups
    10 burpees

    awesome paleo brunch at Company Cafe with two awesome CF trainers and an awesome baby!

  3. 25 push ups
    25 sit ups
    25 squats
    25 lunng walks

    Pork chop baked sweet potato veggies
    Feeling real good doing paleo

    Go Team Amy
    Jackie Brown

  4. WOD:
    back squats 5X5 of 65kg/143lbs (baby weight, but I was putting most of my weight on my left leg to try and strengthen it up to my right)
    100 double unders
    then 3 rounds of
    10 SDHP
    10 overhead squats

    5:46 (22.5kg/49.5lbs, I know more baby weights but OHsquats are a weakness of mine!)

  5. B- paleo pancakes and fruit
    L- cabbage, beef & carrots
    S- jerky & fruit
    D- paleo pork chop w/ carrots & fennel

    Light stretching

  6. B: paleo lasagna and turkey
    D: pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, and veggies

    wod: band practice and 45 pushups

    Go Team Amy!

  7. B- Eggs and sausage
    L- Protien Shake
    S- N/A
    D- Eggs and Sausage

    50 Push Ups

  8. B- Eggs and bacon
    L- Protein Shake
    S- Carrots
    D- Turkey Salad

    50 Push ups

  9. B eggs
    L Korean beef
    S jicama. Almonds

    rest day for me today

  10. B eggs & sausage
    D Chili
    S grapes & sunflower kernels

    Mobility stretching

    GO Team Ww

  11. Workout
    1 mile run/walk
    20 weight assisted pull ups - 175 lb
    20 weight assisted dips - 175 lbs
    20 lat pulls - 110 lbs
    20 flys - 120 lbs
    20 rear deltoids - 55 lbs
    20 front squats - 65 lbs
    20 vertical press - 110 lbs
    20 leg press - 255 lbs
    20 seated rows - 110 lbs
    20 minutes on stair climber - fat burner routine
    48 burpees

    B - 2 boiled eggs
    S - Protein shake
    L - apple,clementine
    D - almonds

  12. B- bacon and eggs
    D- paleo spaghetti w/spaghetti squash

    rest day
    75 push ups for the week

  13. B- bacon and eggs
    D- paleo spaghetti w/ spaghetti squash

    rest day