Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Max rounds, no time limit
On the minute every minute perform
1x squat first minute, then rest
2x squats second minute, then rest
3x squats third minute... and so on
Continue until you cannot perform the requisite # of squats within the minute


  1. B egg, bacon & tomato
    S nuts
    D pulled pork & salad
    S strawberries & grapes

    Go Team WW

  2. B eggs sausage and veggies
    L pork chop and grilled veggies
    S apple almonds
    D salad

    WOD squats lunges and abb work 40 min

  3. B- Apple
    L- Protein Shake
    S- Mini Lararba
    D- Shrimp & Catfish with Broccili

    Ran 1.5 Miles, worked abs and biceps @ 24hr fitness
    Did 25 Push Ups today

    Go team WW

  4. B- Steak & Eggs
    L- Turkey Salad & Carrots
    S- Apple
    D- Shrimp & Catfish with Broccili

    Push Ups & Situps
    Did 25 Push Ups today

    Go team WW

  5. Go Team Amy
    broccli grilled salmon and tuna
    sweet potatoes cole slaw
    Jackie Brown

  6. WOD: Practiced guitar

    B: pork chop
    no lunch
    D: Grilled salmon, and tuna with Broccoli, sweet potaotes
    and broccoli slaw

    Go team Amy!

  7. WOD 25 pushups 25 situps

  8. Keesha- eat mer chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eggs lots of eggs 4 pieces of bacon 1 piece of sausage sweet potatoes and fruit for breakfast
    Other paleo food throughout the day
    Chicken for dinner!!

    100 du
    3 rounds
    10 sdhp
    10 ohs
    At 65 lbs

    1. Why more chicken?

    2. I thought that was an inside joke between you two.
      Maybe she meant eat more protein?

  9. B: 2 eggs with fresh sales
    L: chicken and a sweetpotatoe
    D: pork roast and carrots
    snack orange and a banana w/ almond butter
    Jennifer guthrie

  10. B - Paleo Quiche
    L - Paleo Lasagna
    D - Paleo Lasagna

    Still sick. Got worse. Stayed home from work.
    GO TEAM WW!!

  11. B-eggs, almonds, advocado, & coffee
    S-celery & beef jerky
    L-cobb salad
    S-apple with almond butter
    D-shredded chicken, broccoli, bell peppers, onion, and grated cauliflower

    walked the stairs 3 times today for fun(work on the 10th floor)
    25 push ups (not at once, darn those things)

  12. Here's a fun one before bed:
    warmup - 50 pushups, 100 crunches (i know they weren't situps but made the misstake of eating dinner first...)
    Asa Amy
    1 pushup 1 squat
    2 pushup 2 squat
    3 pushup 3 squat
    4 pushup 4 squat
    5 pushup 5 squat
    6 pushup 6 squat
    7 pushup 7 squat
    8 pushup 8 squat
    9 pushup 9 squat
    10 pushup 10 squat
    10 squat 10 pushup
    9 squat 9 pushup
    8 squat 8 pushup
    7 squat 7 pushup
    6 squat 6 pushup
    5 squat 5 FAILURE

    That was cool.

    Go team CMCrushers!!

  13. B- Chorizo Eggs
    L- leftover Chicken & Apple Slaw
    S- oranges
    D- Steak, Carrots & Broccoli

    100 pushups throughout the day

  14. 45 burpees
    B- grapefruit
    L- Jason's Deli salad bar
    S - almonds. mandarin orange
    D - Tuna salad on lettuce