Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, Rest Day!

Congratulations on  a great first week! 

Enjoy some mobility/active rest!!

If you are bored though, then 100 pushups or 100 squats for time maybe?


  1. B- Eggs & Bacon
    L- Protein Shake
    S- Lararba
    D- Left over Beef Stew

    Ran 2 miles outside! Beautiful day!!!!!!!

  2. B- Eggs & Bacon
    L- Fruit Smoothie
    S- Carrots
    D- Left over Beef Stew

    Ran 2 miles outside with the wife!

  3. B - chocolate coconut chew larabar
    L - grilled pork lettuce wraps
    D - paleo meatloaf and romaine lettuce salad with mushrooms no dressing
    S - apple

    WOD: today we went to costco and bought 22 cases of the little mini bottles of water for the wedding. yup guess who loaded them on the cart, then to the car, then in the house...muscles!! everyone kept asking..."are you thirsty?" i told them "i'm going to go fill up the lake"

    GO TEAM WW!!!

  4. 100 pushups 5:14

    B: eggs, bacon, and pork chop
    L: grapefruit
    D: 2 chicken breasts, broccoli slaw, and carrots

    Go Team Amy!!

  5. B- Paleo Pumpkin Muffin
    L- Chard Chicken Soup
    S- Paleo Trail Mix
    D- Salmon & Apple Cole Slaw

    Mobility- Stretching

  6. B eggs & sausage
    S almonds & sunflwer kernels
    D sweet potatoes & turkey breast slices (2 nights in a row)
    S grapefruit

    Mobility. Stretching

    Go Team WW

  7. b. eggs bacon and pork chop
    d. chicken broccoli mixed veggies
    snack mixed fruit

    100 squats for time 4:01

    Jackie Brown

  8. B-eggs with onion, mushrooms, tomato & bacon
    D-salad with bacon

    sick kid pretty much kept me in today; managed to work a little in the yard & rest!

  9. B-eggs with sausage
    D-paleo chili and orange for dessert

    WOD: 100 pushups for time 6:58

    Go CMCrushers!

  10. B: omelete with spinach,mushroom,tomato, bacon, and sweet potato hash browns...


    d: steak, salad with paleo dressing, cauliflower

    WOD: rest
    go, caveman crushers!

  11. Caveman Crushers you?!?
    B: omelet with tomato, mushrooms, spinach, and bacon, and sweet potato hash browns.

    L: black coffee
    D: steak, cauliflower and salad with paleo dressing

    WOD: rest

  12. 100 day burpee challenge - day 43
    B - mandarin orange, grapes
    L - veggie taco salad - no shell
    D - chicken and steamed veggies

  13. paleo left overs.

    wod: squat contest at work. some of my coworkers and I tried to see how long we could hold the bottom of a squat!

    sorry this post is a day late! no points for me!