Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 3!

For time
100 ft Farmer walks
100 double unders
100 ft Backward lunges
100 Sit-ups
100 Jumping jacks

We are in week 3!!! Almost finished! Obviously we are focusing on the base of the pyramid right now! Hopefully, you guys will implement some of what you learned during this challenge into your lifestyle. By now your cravings should have diminished and you should be feeling more energized. When you watch your coworker open up that packaged frozen lunch do you run away in disgust? If so, we have managed to convert you!
Have you started practicing double unders yet? What are you waiting for? Oh, you say you can't do them. Well, this is your week to learn! Target sells a great jump rope for under $5 if you don't have one. We got our green jump ropes from Target. Take some time in the warm up each day this week to get some double under practice in. If you missed the blog on Sunday, check out the instructional video. It has some great tips for getting started!

Remember this weekend we will have another FREE workout! Bring friends and family. Stick around after to cheer on your team coach as they compete for points doing Helen!


  1. WOD rx 9:11

    Super fun working out with Andre and Will!


    Jami, Asa: I love you guys, but you are going down on Saturday! "Helen" is my favorite benchmark. So, I will apologize in advance for smoking you guys this Saturday!

    (hope you guys appreciate the trash talk from the trainer who hasn't been training 1/4 as hard as Jami since August!)

  2. hmmmm....we'll see about this on Saturday! Should be fun to totally kick my sister's and bother in law's ass at the same time! Can't wait!!!!

  3. Pork roast and carrots and a banana
    beef patties, gauamole sweet potatoes

    Go Amy's Team
    Jackie Brown

  4. B: Pork Roast, witn veggies
    L: Apple, and turkey
    D: Beef patties, gauamole, and sweet potatoes

    WOD: 125 double unders and 40 pullups

    Go Team Amy!

  5. B eggs & bacon
    L salad
    S nuts
    D hamburger parties & sweet potatoe fries

    WOD lifting boxes & going up & down the stairs

    Go Team WW

  6. B - sweet potato
    L- salad with chicken and boiled eggs
    D - something good Amy made

    WOD - woke to flat tire in driveway.

    Who slashed my tire after the WOD? Ha ha

  7. WOD 51 burpees

    B - 2 boiled eggs
    L - meatless taco salad - did not eat bowl
    S - banana
    D - salad at Jason's Deli w/egg, spring mix greens, lettuce, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, low cal balsamic vinaigrette dressing

  8. B - breakfast sausage scrambled with eggs, onions, spinach, and mushrooms
    L - paleo lasagna
    D - bone in ribeye steak with spinach and an orange

    GO TEAM WW!!

    WOD: 5 flights of stairs all day long at work.

  9. B- some weird nut oatmeal substitute that was terrible
    L- coconut chicken
    S- meatball
    D- pork, peppers, mushrooms

    WOD- at the box don't remember the time :-(

  10. B-bacon, banana, coffee
    L-sweet potato & salad
    S-apple & tangerine
    D-dry rub ribs

    WOD-managed to sweep out my flooded garage! argh!!!

  11. B: 2eggs & berries
    L: chicken greenbeans
    S: larabar
    D: turkey, aspagus,cucumber,carrots
    few walnuts
    Team amy;)

  12. B- Eggs & bacon
    L- Protein Shake
    S- N/A
    D- More Eggs

    No WOD today, got stitches in my arm so I'm resting.

    Can't wait to see this Helen workout Saturday but I know Jami has this in the bag!

  13. B- Eggs & bacon
    L- Salad & Carrots
    S- Orange & Larabar
    D- Burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun

    WOD Results
    I forgot lol but I did workout this morning with Will and Amy!

  14. B breakfast sausage
    L grilled Chicken and Broccoli
    D salad with eggs and avocado
    S Apple

    100 lunges
    100 jumping jacks
    100 backward lunges
    100 situps
    TKD footwork and kicks

    I am working on double unders. Need a better jump rope

  15. B- eggs and bacon
    L- fruit salad and an avocado
    S- cashew cookie larabar
    D- paleo BLT

    30 minutes of jump rope practice/double under attempts

  16. B-eggs and bacon
    L-okra and tomatoes w/homemade paleo salsa..mmm mmm good
    D-paleo BLT and guacamole

    another mile or so walking while job hunting
    only 10 jump rope singles..on one foot..can't do double unders for points guys sorry I tried