Friday, February 3, 2012

Raising the Dead Overhead!

5 rounds for time of:
135/95 pound (same weight for all 3)      
9 Deadlift
6 Hang power snatch   
3 Overhead squat

L2 95/45
L1 45/25


  1. WOD this morning:
    5 rounds for time of
    50 ft goblet lunges with 45lb KB
    10 pushups
    50 ft goblet lunges with 45lb KB
    10 pullups

    12:00 min even

    Go CMCrushers!!

  2. WOD w Asa using 25lb kb
    What do I hate to do? HSPU
    Why do I hate them? BC I suck T them
    What did I do this afternoon? HSPU practice! And bleachers

    B - lots of eggs w 4 pieces of bacon
    S - banana
    L - salad w chicken and chili
    S - nuts and banana
    D -whatever Asa has cooked up for our mtg tonight! :)
    WEEKEND!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  3. B-eggs and sausage and bacon
    L-leftover steak and sweet pot and salad
    D-beef patties grill onion and mush and guac

  4. L-eggs and sausage
    D-beef patties with grill onion and mush and guac

    40 hollow rocks

  5. B eggs bacon
    l salmon jerky, carrots
    S lara bar
    D shrimp, baked pear

  6. beef patties slaw alvacodo
    fruit and nuts
    Go Amy's Team
    Jackie Brown

  7. B: pork chop
    L: Beef patty, and turkey
    D: Beef, Turkey, and salmon patties with guacamole, cole slaw

    No WOD just stretching the soreness out :)

    Go Team Amy!

  8. B-bacon & coffee
    S-carrots, variety of nuts
    L-more leftover paleo spaghetti & chicken
    S-what else? apple with almond butter
    D-cooking up eggs with veggies

    WOD: 25 lbs 5:42
    i was kung fu fighting on the hollow rocks!!

  9. B breakfast casserole
    L salad
    S banana
    D naked chicken wings

    WOD 5:48

    Go Team WW

  10. B eggs and chorizo
    L salad
    D bacon and eggs
    S apple almonds

    WOD 5:36

    Hollow rocks ?????


  11. B- Sleep
    L- Eggs and Bacon
    S- Protein Shake
    D-Turkey Salad & Apple

    Working nights, so I know my meals look wierd!

    8:24 + 30mins on Treadmill and Chest workout at 24hr Fitness

  12. B- Apple
    L- No Time, Meetings all day
    S- Protein Shake
    D-Chicken Breast & Green beans

    AB Ripper X off P90X

  13. l: leftovers
    s: nuts
    d: turkey burger, avacado, kale
    peach & bleu berries

    took stairs at work

  14. B - forgot to eat it
    L - turkey burger with bacon and guac wrapped in lettuce
    D - steak and spinach

    WOD time: 5:13

    GO TEAM WW!!

  15. WOD - 55 lb, 4:45
    120 hollow rocks
    B - two scrambled eggs with bell pepper and mushrooms
    S - none
    L - Tuna Salad on lettuce
    S - almonds
    D - protein fruit smoothie after workout and grilled chicken salad with fruit