Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Seven rounds for time of:
15 Deadlift 135lb

15 push-ups

Our next BOOTCAMP  starts Monday, April 2.
 Sign up today!

Come check out Vegebale Medley (Lewis on the drums!) at O'Riley's at 8pm Saturday March 31st!!


  1. Who is the boy doing KB swings??? oh, that's me!! cool. hahaha!

  2. Just in case anyone needs some Paleo motivation since we're not on a challenge right now. Something you'll learn about amy today is that she is truly a lyrical artist! Please read and enjoy!

    Welcome to the jungle
    We got crossfit games
    We got all the pull-ups you want
    And we know the names

    Fran, Barbara, Cindy, Grace

    You'll see the pain in our face

    We are the crossfit people that can find
    Whatever you may need
    If you got the muscles honey
    We'll get you up to speed

    Welcome to the crossfit jungle
    It'll bring us all to our shun n,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,n,,n,n,,n knees, knees
    Our hands are gonna bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the crossfit jungle
    We take it day by day
    If we really want it we're gonna sweat and bleed
    But it's the price we pay

    Welcome to the crossfit jungle
    It gets crazier here everyday
    We learn ta live like paleo animals
    In the jungle where we play
    If you got a hunger for what you see
    You'll need to eat some grassfed beef
    You can have anything you want

  3. Danielle 45lb 12:29

    Will RX 14:18 (did you sneak in some girl push ups?)

    Jackie 65lb 12:52

    Jacob 45lb 12:43

    Iliana 75lb 12:53

    Keesha 75lb 10:18 (must have been too light-next time RX!)

    Andre 100lb 14:58

    Lewis kb twists/push ups 12:41

  4. WOD in the garage when I got home from coaching:

    100 double unders
    30 burpees
    15 snatches 45lb
    75 double unders
    30 burpees
    15 snatches 45lb
    50 double unders
    30 burpees
    15 snatches 45lb

    time 15:15