Monday, October 1, 2012

Lectins, legumes???

AMRAP 15 minutes

10 Kettle bell swings
10 Box jumps
10 Ring dips (can do dips on the box)
How are you doing without grains? In a few days we will eliminate another non-Paleo food-SUGAR! So, you might want to start looking for hidden sources of sugar and artificial sweeteners in your diet!
Some of you have asked why beans are not Paleo. Beans are classified as legumes which contain lectins. According to Mark's Daily Apple:
Lectins’ stickiness allows them to bind with the lining, particularly the villi, of the small intestine. The result? Intestinal damage (with impaired cellular repair potential), cellular death as well as compromised intestinal villi, which means reduced absorption of other nutrients, including minerals and protein. Add to this altered gut flora, which can allow certain harmful bacterial strains like E. coli to run rampant. Furthermore, because the body is now responding full-time to the needs of the injured gut lining, proteins and other resources are redirected from other basic growth and repair processe. Read more.
Our goal during the Paleo challenge is to be as strict as possible. If you can make it for 30 days strict,  you can do anything! Think of it as an exercise in discipline! Give it a shot to see how it makes you feel. After the challenge, you can slowly introduce one non Paleo food at a time back into your diet to see how they affect your digestion. If beans do not bother you, check this out.