Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Run 400m
200 hollow flutter kicks
each time you stop, perform 5 pistols on each leg
Run 400m
200 arch flutter kicks
each time you stop, perform 5 handstand push ups
Remember to turn your points in today for the Paleo Challenge. Winners will be announced on Friday.
Have you cheated? If you did, how did it make you feel? If not, you rock!

Instead of just stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving, let's do something for someone else first! Then we can get a workout in and stuff our faces!

CrossFit North Mesquite's First Annual Turkey Day Workout

WHAT: Join us for a fun, challenging team workout on Thanksgiving morning! Burn some calories so you can feel like you really earned that Thanksgiving meal!

Everyone must bring 3 food items to participate.

WHEN: : Thanksgiving Day at 9am

WHO: You, your friends, your family, your kids (open to members and non members)

COST OF ADMISSION: 3 food items per person from the list below

We will donate all of the food items to Mesquite Social Services.

Food Pantry Wish List:

Canned Meats
Canned Pastas
Helper Meals
Spaghetti Sauce
Peanut Butter
Cornbread Mix
Dried Beans
Canned Fruits
Canned Chili
Canned Stews
Dry and Evaporated Milk
Hamburger Meat
Baby Food
Baby Formula
Baby Cereal


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