Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A) Back Squat 1x20  - only if you did not do it yesterday.
(use 50-60% of your 5RM, add  5 -10lbs from last 1x20)
A) Muscle Up / Pull up
B) For Time:
25 Wall Balls
Run 400m
25 Wall Balls
C) 3 Sets of:
12 Heavy KB Swings
12 Strict Pull ups
rest as needed


  1. Kristi Brandons Beastly BroadsSeptember 24, 2013 at 4:29 AM

    Good Morning. I hope everyone is still feeling motivated to continue to stay Paleo /Zone Strong! We are nearing the end of the challenge and I know sometimes we are so focused on the challenge being over that we loose site of the bigger picture! The point of the challenge is to feel better about yourself and what you have accomplished during the challenge. Contiune staying Paleo/Zone Stronge!

    1. Good points, Kristi. I was focusing on the two times I cheated but really I should look at the many days that I ate Paleo/Zone w/o cheats.

  2. Happy Tuesday everyone! I won't get to make it to the box today, so I did lots of overhead squats in my garage in between cleaning the house.
    Going to make pork chops, apples, and sweet potato dish tonight. Might also try kale chips.
    You are right Kristi! Everyone should look back at this point and congratulate themselves on the amazing efforts in discipline!

  3. Need to be re-energized, need more sleep! -Maricela

  4. Week & 1/2 to go. Stay strong everyone!!