Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mark your calendars for January 13 when the New Year-New You Challenge starts!
Read more about it HERE and sign up today for the early bird special!

If you have always wanted to change your eating habits for more vitality or increase muscle tone, strength, lose weight, better WOD times, then sign up for this challenge. Don't let another year go by and you put your health on the back burner. If you haven't signed up already, go sign up now - Commit to this challenge, it can truly change your life.

No better way to set the tone for a great year than by investing in your health first and then seeing the improvements in every other aspect of your life. We will try to make the challenge process as simple as possible so that life long healthy habits can be formed and maintained even after the challenge is over. Let's do this!



  1. Happy Sunday. Now that Christmas is behinds us it's time to gear up for another New Year! I hope everyone is getting Pumped up about the New Year-New You 2014 Challenge. I know I am! I will borrow Charmain's words....."Make it Happen"!!!! Have a great Sunday.


  2. I tested out one of the new rowers at home today with a slow 2k row. Would be nice to keep one of these in the living room!