Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are you ready?
New Year-New You Challenge Participants
Information Session Dates are:
Fri, Jan 10
wod at 5:30pm followed by info session, measurements and pics
Saturday, Jan 11
wod at 8:30am followed by info session, measurements and pics
You are welcome to bring a Paleo dish if you choose. But the big Paleo Potluck will be at the end of the Challenge after we have had 6 weeks of perfecting our Paleo recipes!


  1. Where are you, Kristi? I hope she is still sleeping!! I know I got good sleep last night, but I never seem to have a problem. With there being no comments, it feels as if I am stepping on Kristi's toes. Anyways - I am looking forward to the challenge. One more week... :) Time to get rid of the dairy and maybe even coffee (for good).

    1. stepping on Kristi's toes! Haha! It is like she is the official first poster of the day!

  2. I'm a matter of fact I was sleeping!!! Can you believe I went to bed last night at 12:00am (didn't set an alarm) and did not get up until 2:00 pm.........OMG......14 hours!!!! I woke up a few times but went right back to sleep!!! Now I am a little stressed because my day feels like it is shot!! But I am glad to have gotten the sleep! I know Asa will be if I can just keep it up!! I am also looking forward to the challenge!! I desperately need to make some huge Healthy Changes in my life and I am ready for it!!!

    1. ooops I forgot to add

      36.1/2 :-)

  3. Kristi! That is super awesome! I think everyone needs to do that once in a while! You literally slept like a baby! It was too cold to do anything anyway! You just got primal and hibernated!

    Ok, going to hibernate now!