Tuesday, January 28, 2014

8 min AMRAP
8 wall balls
10 box jumps

at end of 8 min rest 1 min, then

8 min AMRAP
5 SDHP (70/53 KBs)
5 ring dips


  1. Burrrrrrrrrrr...........that is the word for today!! I hope everyone is feeling good and staying warm. It's sure tough getting out from under those warm covers! God Bless you 5:00 am'ers and 5:45 am'ers keep moving this morning!! :-) I hope everyone has a great day!

    Remember Strong Starts Here........Make It Happen!!!!


  2. Hmmmmmm............to be honest I think I'm a little of ALL kinds of HUNGER!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Me too, Kristi!

  4. Luckily this morning I didn't realize how cold it really was until I got to the box! Woke up without the alarm this morning, 3:48, which was pretty cool.
    Great working out with everyone despite the cold!!
    WOD - 7+9, then 7+3 rx
    200 back extensions
    30 or 40 muscle up progressions

  5. Im with you guys Katie & Kristi !! allllllllllll kinds of Hunger!! wishing someone was making my breakfast for me right now! ;-)

  6. It's easy to be all kinds of hunger when the weather is cold. We all just want to bundle up and eat comfort foods! Stay strong and keep your goals in mind! We are in this together and will be physically and mentally stronger in the end!

    Did a shorter version of today's wod. rx but 6 min instead of 8 for each set.
    A) 5 rounds
    B) 6+5

  7. I think I'm a little of all the "hungers", but maybe more the Taste Hunger. Hence, the Sampler Platter-- Just wrong and rude to pass up all that your hostess has provided! (Just kidding, of course!) That Emotional Hunger does come into play, too, at times. I hate analyzing myself! :)

  8. All that hunger talk kinda makes me wonder when and if I have ever actually been hungry....I have never had to go without food that I can remember.

  9. I will have to go with Hormonal Hunger and Emotional Hunger. I don't beat myself up over the hormonal hunger too much but the emotional hunger is met with a stronger resistance and most of the time I can bypass the temptation. One of my go to's is asking myself "If I eat this cake/cookie will it get me closer to my goal"? If the answer is no, I don't eat it. This has worked for me.

  10. My new food for the week is Leeks! Never had them!

    Upon Jenn G's recommendation I made nom nom's paleo tomato soup. (has leeks in it) This soup is awesome!!!