Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A)     5 min Min med ball clean practice (2 min med ball deadlift with straight arms, 2 min dropping to squat, 1 min Med Ball Clean)

B)      3 min to complete 3 rounds of 5 pull ups/ring rows , and 5 HR push ups

C)      8 Min EMOM Odd: Airdyne sprint or Row Even: 10 Med Ball Cleans

D)     15 min AMRAP: 3 CTB pull ups (4 pull ups/6 ring rows), 6 cleans 115/75, 9 HR push ups, 200ft sprint


  1. Good Morning......I have been under the weather that last couple of days. I hope to be back tomorrow. I don't do sick well......haaaaaaaaaa

    Stay warm and healthy!!! See ya soon! :-)

  2. Hope you are getting much needed rest Kristi! It looks pretty outside, but it is cold! So you aren't missing out on anything! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Med ball cleans wiped out my legs!

    Rx 8+8
    Deadlift PR 240lb

  4. This was one tough workout.