Saturday, June 28, 2014

Teams of 2 complete:
1 Mile Run (either together or split the mile), then one person working at a time complete:

3 rounds of
30 Toes to Bar
30 Supine Ring Rows
30 Deficit Push-Ups (hands on 45/25# plates)


  1. Good Morning.

    Yea..... getting ready to head to the women's class......very excited!!

    Have a awesome weekend!!!

    1. Sad I'm missing my favorite day of the week and sad to miss you!! Hope y'all have fun though! I'm just doing stretching and trying to heal.

    2. Missed you this week Karen! But super proud of you for really taking time to heal! The stretching will really pay off!

  2. What a great way to start the weekend!
    Back Squats 120, 125 130lb x3 reps each. 10 min EMOM 10 wall balls, 5 power snatches + 10 push presses 45lb

    Oly lifting workshop was AWESOME! Saw some amazing improvements! Excited to see new techniques in the workouts!
    And go to see some pretty awesome PRs in the Oly lifting class! Congrats Jolynn, Lynda, Holly, and Sarah!

    1. WHOHOOOO! Ladies!!! Sorry I had to miss it!! Im jonesin' to work out!!!!!! Amy I have been doing the stretches 4 times a day! I keep waking up in the morning sore... and then going why am I sore I did not work out at all... so I guess its doing SOMETHING in there yeah!? ha! The arm is STILL extremely painful. Im not sure if I should come in monday or not? thoughts?