Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Congratulations May Meltdown participants! Team Amy, don't forget to pick up your speed ropes next time you are at the box!
15 min to find 1rm back squat
(only if you did not do yet this week)
EMOM 10 min
Odd: shuttle sprint
Even: 5 burpees

3 rounds for quality
1 Rope climb/3 rope pulls
25 push-ups (straight body, slow and controlled)
50 double unders (try for unbroken)


  1. Happy Hump Day!! Be sure to hydrate during the day. It will help get you through your workout during these hot summer days!!

    Strong Starts Here.

  2. Great WOD yesterday! I am feeling it today! I agree with Kristi---hydrating is so important. I think I was sweating out twice as much as I took in yesterday! Everyone have a great day!

  3. Did this mornings workout and just finished yesterdays workout. 11:24 for Tuesday WOD. I felt pretty good about that one. Trying to get in 5 a week again. Bring on summertime!

  4. Glutes are feeling yesterday's wod. That is all.

  5. Replies
    1. I've adopted a new strategy......alternating am/pm wods....will give me a couple hours of extra sleep per week (fingers crossed)

  6. So sore from Mondays wod STILL! but managed to get it done this morning ! even climbed the ropes and it didnt hurt my arm!! yay! I love rope climb day!

  7. Some awesomeness going on at CF tonight! I got to witness two PR's!

    Amy R was going to stop at 65lb on her back squat, but went all the way up to 105! I still think that is conservative!

    Alma S had a 15lb PR on her back squat! 170lbs!


  8. Haven't done today's WOD but competition class got 81 ring dips and 252 calories in 16 min with Kevin as my partner