Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pistol on the Morning hike #beaversbend @crossfitnorthmesquite

For Time:
200 Air Squats
100 Sit ups
100 Med Ball Hang Cleans
50 push ups
40 pull ups/ring rows
30 ring dips



  1. Happy Saturday!! Today could be our first triple digit temps.....Hydrate.....Hydrate!!!!

    Sounds like Asa,Amy and little Asa are having a wonderful vacation and getting their WOD's in everyday!! :-)

    Love that picture Jennifer!!!

    Looking forward to the partner WOD this morning!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. We had a great partner wod this morning!

    Awesome pic Jennifer!

  3. Jennifer's pistol pic is awesome!
    Beach wod:
    10 rounds of:
    50ft bear crawl in the sand
    50ft walking lunges
    Asa and I each did 10 rounds switching off. One person did a round while the other helped little Asa build a sand castle. We took out time, about 30 min.

  4. Big turnout for the Oly class: Jesus, Nick, Karen, Lynda, Julie, Holly, Jolynn, Melissa, and Richard. Progress is being made each week. Very good work today.