Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The 2014 CrossFit games have just taken place, and some amazing performances of strength, power, skill, and endurance were seen from the participants.  We are all capable of dramatic improvement and of doing things that we never thought possible.  For those of you who have been with CFNM for 6 months or more, compare your current level of fitness with what you were able to do when you first tried a WOD.  Don’t compare your performance/abilities with anyone but yourself.  I have seen some members’ 1RM back squat increase by 50%, while others have conquered rope climbs, double unders, pull-ups, muscle-ups….the list goes on and on.  If you haven’t reached your short term goal yet, keep working at it – breakthroughs happen every day.  Every WOD you complete makes you better than you were before. "-Coach George

OH Squat 3 sets 8 reps 37%

4 rounds:
10 PVC wall squats + 50ft bear crawl

5 rounds
25 KBS 53/35
1 min arch flutter kicks

Optional: GHD back extensions 4x6


  1. Good Morning.

    Coach George is right. I joined CFNM over 2yrs ago and I am amazed at the things I can do now that I would never have thought I could do! I'm still working towards a lot of goals and I know with the support of ALL of our Coach's and my wonderful CFNM family I will get there! :-)

    Love the video...........I see a future CFNM Coach in the making!!!

    Have a awesome day!

  2. Great wod this morning!
    35lb kb for first 4 rounds, then used 26lb for round 5, GHD back extension holds instead of arch flutters. (those burn!)

  3. Gunning to complete the 50k rowing challenge. Had 14k as of Sunday + 9k yesterday = 23k. Just need 9k today, tomorrow and Thursday to make it. So if you see me rowing, a word of encouragement would go a long way! Thanks.

    1. You got this Lance! :-)

  4. Great words of encouragement from George!
    Hope to see you on the rower tonight Lance!!