Monday, July 28, 2014

We will be testing over the next few weeks. Make sure that your test and wod scores get on the whiteboard!

Back Squat 5 sets 3 reps 80%

3 rounds
Run 200m + 15 goblet squats (rest as needed between rounds)

Test:  max unbroken kipping pull ups (ring rows)

Test Metcon (10 min cap)
Double unders
Sit ups



  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Sounds like everyone had fun at the CrossFit Games watching party at Charmaine's. Sorry I missed it! :-(

    I hope everyone can enjoy some cooler temps this week! has be HOT!!

    Looking forward to the 4:30 MOD WOD SQUAD today! :-)

    Have a great week!

  2. Some great Annie times today!

    My wod:
    3 OHS, 4 FS, 5 pull ups, 5 ring dips. 4 rounds
    then, 3 rounds of 6 behind the neck snatch grip presses, 8 BS
    tons of stretching! all squats where with 45lb bar.