Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Congrats to Angela on her 25lb PR! Watch the 250lb back squat!

Those who enjoy the process rather than obsess over the outcome often have better outcomes.
Daily efforts toward your goal will get you closer to achieving your goal. Constantly questioning why you can't do something yet and looking for an easier and faster way is wasted effort.
While you are searching for the quick fix, someone else is putting in the daily work required to master the skill.
Some skills take months, even years to develop, are you doing the daily work?

Hang Snatch 3x8 33% 1rm bs

Endurance 4 rounds PVC wall squat + 20 sec battle ropes

3 rounds
30 sec on, 30 sec off
Ring support (or support between two boxes)
KB swings 53/35
KB Russian twists 53/35
Plank hold

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  1. Good Morning. I'm guilty of wanting something "NOW". Whether it be losing weight, lifting heavier or getting stronger. Nothing worth getting comes easy. We have to put forth the effort and time to "MAKE IT HAPPEN"!!!! It is a work in progress so keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

    Make it a great day!

  2. wod 20 PVC thrusters or OHS + 200m power walk 4 rounds for quality
    Walking for quality is great! We should do this more often!
    I agree Kristi! We are so use to instant gratification in our society that we seem even want exercise and diet results immediately. We all need to take look at how long it took us to get into our current state (whatever the state is that we want to change). Example: need more flexibility, need to lose weight, need to increase upper body strength, need Charmaine's six pack!
    If we spent the last 20-30 years never stretching, eating junk food, not lifting weights or things then we will need to realize that it might take more time.
    Patience and persistence!!!
    Small daily efforts toward our goals will get us there soon enough!

  3. I'm excited to be at the box tomorrow! See you guys soon!

  4. Patience.....you'd think by now I'd have learned that. Work hard, smart choices and patience!