Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2 of the CrossFit North Mesquite Instagram Challenge
Post your pic on Instragram today! We will select a winner at the end of the challenge who will get a cool CFMN prize package!
We use functional movements in our everyday lives. Haven't you ever had to deadlift the groceries, push press a toddler, or overhead squat a tree branch? Let's see it today!
You don't have to be a CrossFitter to participate. All humans should be doing functional movements!
Don't forget to #crossfitnorthmesquite!
EMOM 6 min
Even: OHS 12 reps at 33% of 1rm bs
Odd: rest and add weight
EMOM 6 min
Even: 12 PVC wall squats
Odd: banded shoulder distraction (R 1st round/L 2nd round)
15 min AMRAP
Walk 200m with DB OH right arm
1 rope climb
Walk 200m with DB OH left arm
5 close grip OHS (choose weight that allows for best form)
*If you have to lower the DB down, stop walking. Once back in the gym complete 5 burpees for every time you had to stop and lower the DB. Choose a weight with which you can complete the walk with minimal or no breaks.
Simple & Strict Nutrition Challenge starts next week!
If you are on the fence trying to decide whether or not to do this Nutrition Challenge, check out the FAQs here.


  1. Good Morning.

    Great Pic.......just goes to show you.......you can work in a WOD anytime anywhere!!!

    Have great day.

  2. Awesome wod today!
    Strength 45lb
    wod 2+200m with 15# DB

    1. It was a great WOD today!!! :-)

  3. Why is Brandon's so much bigger than Asa's?

  4. OHS - 95,95,95
    WOD 1+351 (40# dumbbell, 45# barbell, and 20 burpees) last 10 burpees were after time