Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 3 of the Instagram Challenge
Our bodies need activity and movement much more than one hour a day! Show us how you can get some activity in even if your attire is business casual! Post your pic to Instagram and #crossfitnorthmesquite

Did you sign up for the Nutrition Challenge yet? It starts next week! Sign up today, information packets go out at the end of the week.

EMOM 10 min
Even: push jerk 3 reps 55% of 1rm bs
Odd: rest and add weight

EMOM 10 min
Even: 10 light jerks
Odd: 10 box jumps

3 min AMRAP
3 KB single arm swings each arm
3 KB push press each arm

rest 1 min, repeat for 4 rounds

Score= lowest scoring round


  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone is having a great week.

    If your on the fence about signing up for the Nutrition Challenge...keep this in mind....if you want to feel Leaner, Healthier and Stronger....this challenge is for YOU!!!!

    Great Pic! :-)

    Make it a TERRIFIC day!

  2. I am not happy about this small injury and having to modify every WOD. I realize that I have to be patient but that is very hard for me, especially since Dr. ASA said I can't run. No running! At all!!! :-\
    4, 3-min AMRAPS:
    10 front squats with 33#
    10 walking lunges with 33#
    10 good mornings with 33#4/4/3/3
    That was a great WOD, thank you Asa.

  3. Strength - 175#
    WOD - 3+7 (53#kb) (4 the first two then 3+9 and last 3+7)