Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A) 20 min time cap
Wall balls
After each round, complete 5 med ball sit ups
Use a med ball that will allow you to do all sets unbroken.

B) Pull Up Work
You will see some pull up progression work 3 days/week for the next several weeks. If you do not have a pull up, stick with the first column. A negative starts with the chin above the bar, then lower yourself as slowly as possible until the elbows are fully extended.

If you can do 3-5 strict pull ups, you will follow column 2. If you have more than 5 strict pull ups, you will follow column 3. Those following columns 2 and 3 will perform all negatives with their legs in the L position and attempt L pull ups.













  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone is getting into the grove of the challenge. I feel so much better when I am fueling my body with good nutritional food and drinking lots of H2O!!!

    Keep up all the great work! Keep your eye on the bigger picture....Leaner, Healthier and Stronger YOU!!!!

    Go Team Domination!!!

  2. Wow............check out those biceps!!!

  3. team pride, and to all on the paleo challenge,
    Remember, YOU are in charge of what you put in your mouth. YOU are in control! Keep it up!

  4. Go Team Pride!
    WOD - 9:43 Rx
    Tested L-pull ups: 8 (ugly ones)
    stuck with middle column - 1-1nL-1nL-1nL-1nL

  5. Good morning all! Great workout this morning. I hate/love wall-balls! Also was able to achieve 3 strict L pull-ups. Cant wait to see my progress over the next few weeks.

    Have a great day!

  6. Sexy WOD. Sorry it's a rest day. You guys better crush us tomorrow or I'll be pissed!

    1. Don't worry Travis if tomorrow isn't hard enough for you, then you can do 100 burpees for time afterwards.

      Actually, if it's too hard for you to do that afterwards, then I'll just say you're a sissy! Ha!! :)

  7. WOD - I can't believe I used a 14# med ball. I really was eyeing those 6#'ers, but too many peeps in the 5am class. Anyways, completed with a 14# med ball - not unbroken, but super proud of myself.
    Food - all is good. Eating simple and paleo all day loooonnnngggg. No exciting recipes this week.

    Next week - I focus on incorporating multiple food types. Goal is to have 15 different veggies, fruits, and spices incorporated throughout the week. It not easy for me to branch out.

    1. Congrats on today's WOD!

      You are the Pride's official go to lioness for fruit and veggie variety!!

      Go team Pride!

  8. Great wod today
    8:43 with 14# WB and knees to waist instead of sit ups ( I too wanted to use a lighter wb, but saw that Carmen used a 14, so gave it a shot!)

    1. Way to go with the 14# WB! Also, I completed 40 burpees yesterday. I have more to do tonight...

    2. You inspired me Carmen! I am behind on burpees! I just reached a total of 100 today (forgot to update the board).
      Still need to do more to get caught up with you!

  9. WOW! Those guys are really sexy. Like a couple Lions ready to eat.......... EAGLES!!!!!!!

    Great WOD 10:06 14#
    L Pull up and 4 inverted

    Still holding strong with my pride. Today was a new record......... 9 eggs!!!!

    1. You better watch out the Eagles will swoop down and take a bite out of that Pride! :-)

      Team Domination represented pretty good at the 5:30WOD today!! Way to go Sam & Yessenia!!! Eagles RULE!!!!

  10. way to go guys!!! Nice carmen and amy!!
    ~jenn G.

  11. b:eggs and bacon
    l:hamburger patty with guacamole
    d: pork chop with sauteed onion, mushroom, spinach.
    Team Pride!!!

  12. 10:58 on the WOD and Five L pull ups. Today I was really craving junk, but I kept it together.

    Team Pride

    1. B boiled eggs, sweet potato and banana.
      S pistachios
      L tuna & avocado, sweet potato, and apple.
      S grapes
      D grilled chicken salad with like for dressing