Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There will be no Saturday 8:30am CrossFit Class and no 9:30am Olympic Lifting class this Saturday. Come cheer on the competitors at 8am instead!  

A) 5 rounds for quality:

Power snatch + Hang power snatch +  2 Snatch balance
6 supine ring rows

Work up in weight each round.
Score= end weight on snatch work

B) Pull up progression program


  1. Happy first full day of Fall.....YEA!! I love the changes of the season.

    I keep my meals easy for the challenge.
    B-Boiled Eggs
    L-Apple/Chicken sausage 1/2 sweet potato
    D-Baked Chicken mixed veggies

    As of last night 420 burpees completed.....the end is near! YEA!!

    Remember Strong Starts Here!

    GO TEAM DOMINATION.......Make It Happen!

  2. Great classes this morning!
    Snatch complex 45lb
    supine ring rows

    did the pull up progression, column 1 with ring rows and ring row negatives. pretty tough!

  3. My WOD involved the same movements with a 35# dumbbell but only using my right arm. Instead of snatch balance, I did two squat cleans with the same weight. In place of the ring rows, I completed each round with 6 GHD back extensions holding a 45# bar.

    Thank you Amy!

  4. Did some quality snatches today 65, 65, 75, 75, 75.
    ! Go Team Domination!

  5. Sundau I did Week 2, Day 3 of the L Pull-up challenge.
    1 L
    1 L Negative
    1 L Negative
    1 L Negative
    2 L


  6. Today's WOD:

    Supine ring rows and Snatches.

    Only went to #75 on the snatches.
    Supine ring rows were fun.

    Also completed Day 1 of week 3 for the L Pull-up challenge!

    3 L
    1 Negative L
    2 L
    1 Negative L
    4 L

    Very tough but feeling like I am improving

  7. WOD - 75,85,95,135,135 snatch balances were limiting factor
    Pull ups L
    Those are still brutal

    Go Team Pride!