Friday, September 5, 2014

A1) Find your 1RM Deadlift
A2) With remaining time in class begin the 25 min wod below.
B) 25 Minute Time Cap:
1 Mile Run then AMRAP for remainder
3 Muscle Ups (6 pull ups/6 ring dips)
9 med ball squat cleans 20/14
27 push ups
(if starting at the end of the building by the dumpster, 4 laps around the building back to the back door is 1 mile. Or can do 4x400m runs)
Calf stretch 2 min
Hamstring stretch 2 min
Banded shoulder distraction


  1. TGIF!!! We made it!! :-)
    This weekend will be great time to prepare your meals/snacks for this next week. I know it helps me to stay on track to have my meals ready when I am hungry. If your not able to get to a workout at the box this weekend try to do some burpees,squats,sit-ups,lunges at your house. This will also keep you on track and you will be glad you did! :-)

    We got this Team Domination!!

  2. Some amazing accomplishments this morning on the deadlifts!!

    For me another active rest:
    Row 5k in 22:48
    Strict CTB 4-4-4-3-max (6)
    Ring dips 4-4-4-3-max (9)

  3. Ran for 45minutes, working in 50ea burpees, pushups & air squats along the way. Where were you Mr. Nelson?

  4. The deadlifting show was amazing this morning @ 5 am! Great job to all who PR'd!
    WOD -
    Row 2K - no time recorded
    Fit in 10 burpees in between every 250 m of rowing
    B - 2 eggs, sweet potatoes, and spinach
    S1 - Banana and almond butter with pistachios
    L - Cerviche
    S2 - orange (may have to add something else soon
    D - TBD (prob burger patty with some added veggies)
    Burpee Challenge - Week 1 total 165 (there may be more to come this week, but I haven't decided)

  5. 12:00 class was awesome!

    1 Mile - 10:22/ 3+12

    I almost slipped today on the Paleo challenge! I was weighing the consequences..... I figured maybe 50 burpees. Well Dr. A really put it in perspective for me;

    "Don't think of it so much in terms of consequences. Rather know it is a sign of weakness and in a pride others will smell the weakness on you and drive you out or rip you to shreds"

    RAAAAWWWWRRR!! Keep it up PRIDE!!!!!

    1. That is awesome! Way to stay strong! (or stay in your pride!)

  6. B: eggs, sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil (I don't get sick of that)
    S: orange, almonds
    L: baked sweet potato with butter, grilled chicken with salad
    S: carrots, almonds
    D: going to make burger patties, guacamole, and mixed veggies

    No wod for me today. But sad I missed all the deadlifts! But George sent me videos of my last PR back squat and PR deadlift (pre-pregnancy) so I can watch them and set some goals for after the baby is born!
    Will fit some burpees in today!

  7. Great job to everyone today and this week!

    Continue to keep an eye on the Pride over the coming weeks. Jason C got his first muscle up today and followed it with his first muscle up WOD RX'd. Other members of the Pride PR'd on a number of lifts this week, too. Congratulations!

    Stay focused over the weekend. Stay strong over the weekend. AND DO NOT STRAY FROM THE PRIDE!!

  8. Paleo all day...old dead lift pr:335...New dead lift pr...405....thats right, i said four oh fiveeeeee.