Friday, September 19, 2014

Attention Competitors! If you are on a team and competing in the Member's Only Competition Saturday, September 27, we will hold 2 open gyms this week!
You can use this time to get with your team, strategize and try out the movements.
Open Gym times:
Friday 6:30pm
Saturday 8:30am
If you can't make it, no worries! We have been doing all of the movements in the wods for the past few weeks for extra practice! So you'll be ok!
AMRAP 8 min
2 OHS 95/65
4 box jumps
8 Russian KBS
Rest 2 min
5 rounds of:
3 R, 3L DB snatch
200ft DB waiter walk (100ft R, 100ft L)


  1. Good morning. Off to Boulder for some altitude training (ha).

    Jason C, did you consider a format where all teams get to compete in all three races with lowest total time determining the winner? Don't want to sound ungrateful. I appreciate all the work that you've put into it. Just a thought. I'm taking off work and skipping my favorite match to compete & want to get as much exercise as possible in. Guess I should just shut up and win!

  2. YEA TGIF!!!! I'm doing the Happy Friday Dance.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Remember.....Strong Starts Here......Go Team Domination!!!

  3. wod: walking in our rock flower bed(which is quite a workout!) climbing and bear crawling with little Asa. Think I might be sore tomorrow!

  4. Great bootcamp class tonight - way to work guys!

  5. Bob and I worked out at home tonight- had to work all freaking day so no time for driving to the box! Thanks Amy for giving me some modifications (and Charmaine too!) The waiter thing about killed me ha! Bob made up this insanity on his own... 90 hand release push ups... 60 air squats, and 30 burpees. Then 20 ring dips, 20 pull ups and a ton of Box jumps. Oh and he joined me for two rounds of Waiter walks too. We started with the lift from this week- 4 front squats and 8 back squats 4 times. He doesnt know his max rep so he did my 40% or whatever it was... #75. He really needs work on his front squats! Imma be asking for some tips for him! his poor elbows are working hard at being right! Anyway........... we had a great WOD this evening at Sunset! :-) Hope to get to the box tomorrow!

  6. Active mobility with 5am and 5:45am class and stretching throughout the day. Finished with a massage from Massage Envy, so convenient and really great.