Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't forget to check in to Facebook when you arrive for your WOD this week!

Every 2 min for 4 sets
4 front squats
8 back squats
40% of 1rm back squat


Every 2 min for 4 sets:
12 goblet squats
100m run
Metcon (15min cap)
Thrusters (95/65)
KBS 53/35


  1. Happy Monday!!

    We are entering our 3rd week of the Challenge! I hope you are feeling GREAT! My plan this week is to try to make 4 workouts plus Yoga!!!

    B-Egg Casserole
    S-Boiled Egg
    L-Dry Tuna & Boiled Egg
    D-Bake Chicken & Veggies

    Make it a Great Day! Go Team Domination!!!!

  2. Great WOD. Just checked in on MySpace.

  3. 5am were some FaceBook checking in fools this morning! (well, and MySpace for Travis)

  4. BS 75, 95, 105.
    WOD 7:52Rx!
    ! Team Domination!

  5. I'm sad I didn't make it to the 5:30pm Workout tonight. I got off work at 4:00pm and just walked into my house in Garland 6:09pm I was stuck in the George Bush traffic jam!! I sat in traffic for 2 hours......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr What a mess! Amy as always I appreciate the time you put in to make my MOD WOD's for me each week. I'm sorry I missed tonight.

    I will try to do something here at the house. I will for sure get some burpees done tonight.

    Tomorrow will be a better day! Positive thinking! :-)

    Go Team Domination!!!

    1. Bummer! That sucks being stuck in traffic! It'll be a great workout tomorrow!

  6. no cheats so far...keep it up everyone! TEAM PRIDE!

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, but I think Travis is the only one left with an account.

  8. I have a myspace account....but im old....and i log into it maybe once a month...

  9. WOD- 21-15-9 Thrusters @#95/kb swings @53/T2B. RX 9:55.

    Fun workout. Great coaching. Cant wait to start my second week of the L-pullup challenge so I can win that car!!!

  10. September 27th 0800-1000 CrossFit North Mesquite Race 1 (out of 3):

    Movement- 400 Meter run farmers carry
    Equipment- KB's #53/35/25/15
    Rules- All members of team must run the 400. Any member of the team can hold any of the 4 weights. Team members can hold more than one KB. Team is finished once all members of the team cross the finish line. Once the 400 is done, move inside to the first quad.

    Quad 1:
    Movement- Toes to bar/ plank - 50 reps
    Equipment- Pull-up bar
    Rules- One male and one female inside the quad at all times. While one is doing toes to bar, the other is in a plank. Must rest together or the reps won't count. Male or female can do the toes to bar and there are unlimited substitutions.

    Quad 2:
    Movement- Overhead squat - 35 reps male and 35 reps female- 70 reps total
    Equipment- Female bar with #45/ Male bar with #65
    Rules- Males complete 35 Overhead squats, females complete 35 overhead squats. Unlimited substitutions.

    Quad 3:
    Movement- Jump rope- 800 single unders
    Equipment- Jump rope
    Rules- One male and one female inside the quad at all times. Complete the 800 single unders. Unlimited substitutions.

    Quad 4:
    Movement- Ground to overhead (you can snatch or clean and jerk)
    Equipment- Female bar with #55/ Male bar with #75
    Rules- Bring the barbell from the ground to overhead position either snatch or clean and jerk/press. One male and one female inside the quad at all times. Unlimited substitutions.

    Movement- Rope climbs
    Equipment- Rope
    Rules- Any team member climbs the rope. All four members are at the rope allowing for quick transition. Unlimited substitutions.

    Finish: All four members cross the finish line.

    Notes: first team to step across the finish line wins. If it is a tie, the tie breaker is a two minute burpee off.

    Good luck.

  11. Strength - 125#
    WOD - 9:54 (45#,35#,T2B)

    Team Pride!

  12. Strength- 135#
    WOD- 11:47 (75#,53#,K2E)

    Nick Team Pride