Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A) Tabata muscle snatch with bar

400m Run

Tabata Push ups

400m Run

Tabata Hollow flutter kicks

400m Run
B) Pull up progression work


  1. Good Morning.

    Great Pic Jolynn.

    Go Team Domination........Keep up the GREAT work!!! Keep your eye on the Big picture........Leaner,Healthier, Stronger....YOU!!!!!

    Have a great day.

  2. WOD - 10 snatches, 1:34 run, 8 push ups, 1:39 run, 25 flutters, 1:43 run
    wk 2, day 1 - L pullup, L negative, L negative, L, L negative

  3. 2 mile walk plus 100 air squats.
    Carmen, sorry I haven't updated the board for our squats! I have a couple hundred to add!

    1. Nice job Amy! 2 mile walks are hard....dont you just want to run?!

  4. Nice pic Jolynn! Had an active recovery day. Some accessory work with barbell and some yoga.
    !Go Team Domination!

  5. Wow!! That's more than me this week. I'm going to need to catch up!!

  6. Today's WOD RX
    Round 1- Tabata power snatch/400 meter run- 8/1:27
    Round 2- Tabata push-ups/400 meter run- 12/1:36
    Round 3- Tabata hollow flutter/400 meter run- 20/1:32

    L pull-up Challenge Day 1/ Week 2:
    1 L pull-up
    1 L pull-up Negative
    1 L pull-up Negative
    1 L pull-up
    1 L pull-up Negative.

    Hmmm...what kind of car do I want??

  7. BTW nice pic Jolynn! Look at that face....some serious concentration!

  8. September 27 0800-1000 Crossfit North Mesquite. Race 2 (of 3)

    Quad 1:
    Movement- Wall balls - 120 reps- 60 male 60 female
    Equipment - Walls Balls 16# for male, 8# for female
    Rules- One male and one female must be in the designated wall ball area at all times. Unlimited substitutions

    Quad 2:
    Movement- Burpee Box over 50 reps- 25 male 25 female
    Equipment- 24 inch box and 20 inch box
    Rules- One man and one woman in quad at all times. Unlimited substitutions

    Quad 3:
    Movement- KB swings 80 reps - 40 men 40 women
    Equipment- #53 KB/#35KB
    Rules- One man and women in quad at all times. Unlimited substitutions

    Movement- Airdyne 50 calories
    Equipment- Airdyne
    Rules- only one person working at a time. Only one person in the quad. Male or female can sub for a male or female in this quad.

    Movement- Overhead walking lunge from start line to finish line.
    Equipment- #35 bar for males and #15 bar for females
    Rules- One male and one female will begin at the start line then overhead lunge to the finish line. Male will finish first then female will go once male crosses finish line. Once female overhead lunges across finish line the race is complete. Unlimited Substitutions.

  9. Proud to be surrounded by such hard workers. Another strict paleo day.
    go team Pride!