Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Every 2 min for 4 sets:
4 front squats
8 back squats
93% or Monday's weight
Every 2 min for 4 sets:
12 goblet squats
100m run

For time:
100ft bear crawl
100 double unders
50 pistols
40 CTB pull ups
30 ring dips


  1. Good Morning. So far it's been a pretty good week. As of last night I have completed 300 burpees towards mine and Lynda's 1000 burpee challenge. We got this....Lynda! :-)

    Last night was a good workout. I am looking forward to the 5:00am workout today.

    Have a great day!

    Go Team Domination.....Strong Starts Here!!

  2. Good Morning! I am looking forward to this 0500 class! Looks like its going to be a great workout.

  3. Strength: #45/95/115/135
    WOD: 13:24 had to use a #15 plate for the pistols but everything else RX! Awesome workout! Great programming by our programming master Amy!

    1. Holy smokes! at first I thought you held a 15# plate overhead for the pistols! But I am thinking you used it to stand on.

  4. 100ft bear crawl + 400 singles +50 65# OHS + 40 CTB + 30 box dips = DNF and a torn mitten.

    1. shouldn't wear mittens to workout. kind of a sissy thing to do... Besides, they always get torn anyway.

  5. Oh yeah.. like the time on the clock in the picture...

  6. Great wod with Amanda today!
    FS/BS 45, 55, 60, 65
    14:30 with many modifications
    step ups onto 6" box instead of jump rope
    25 pistols to 16" box, then 25 air squats
    9 pull ups, then the rest ring rows (baby just wasn't into kipping pull ups today!)
    box dips

    And walked 1 mile with little Asa this morning with 30 air squats. Well, he gave out the last 400m or so which is up a small hill! So I had to carry him the rest of the way home.

  7. Ready or not here I come!!!

    1. Lavan representing Team Domination in today's WOD. Who else plans to get their wod on? I plan on doing the 4:30 class!

      ! Go Team Domination!

    2. I got my WOD on at 5:00am this morning!! Go Team Domination!!

  8. 13:39 I did 100 ft. duck walk, 100 super fast box jumps on 6 inch box to simulate jump rope, 50 pistols, 40 v-ups, that looked and felt horrible and 30 body weight GHD back ext (15 up and twist to left, 15 up and twist to the right). It was awesome!

    Thanks Amy!

  9. Had an appointment with Dr. Asa, I'm hoping my arm heals quicker now that he has a better idea of what is causing pain. This week has been great, I feel motivated, with a more positive attitude than in the last 4 weeks.

  10. WOD - strength 115# all 4 sets
    active rest for the rest... looked like a great WOD!

    Go Team Pride!

  11. Strength - 97#. WOD - did not finish in 15:00 - did singles in preparation for competition. Pistols on my left leg were ugly (no plate used though Jason Connor). CTB pull ups were challenging - did 10 dips unassisted and then did rest with red band.

    "Its not about being the best (although that's my goal). It is also being better than yesterday".

    !Go Team Domination!

  12. The Lions were on the loose at 4:30 today.
    Did endurance for the first time ever.
    100ft Bear Crawl
    100 DU's
    100 air squats in place of pistols
    40 CTB's
    30 really ugly Ring Dips
    I didn't make the 15:00 mark but I finished at 15:26.
    Gotta get faster on my pull ups and ring dips.
    Team Pride

  13. Did not finish in 15.. Came as close to hurling as humanly possible. Legs feel good and sore now (Friday).