Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No 8:30am CrossFit class this Saturday. No Olympic lifting class at 9:30am. Come cheer on the competitors at 8am instead!
Make sure to sign up for the Community Potluck WOD! Sign up sheet is up at the box.
We are starting a fun, new CFNM Community Potluck WOD on the first Friday of each month!
Here's how it will work:
When: Friday, October 3rd
Time: 6:30pm
WOD: Max out on a lift, then choose either a Hero WOD or a girl.
After the WOD, we will eat and socialize! We will supply the meat, but in order to participate in the wod, you must bring a Paleo potluck side dish. This will be a great time for coaches and athletes to meet new members, socialize, and just hang out.
Every 2 min for 4 sets
4 front squats  + 8 Back squats (93% of 1rm backs squat)
Every 2 min for 4 sets
12 wall squats
100m run
5 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
Run 800m for time
5 min AMRAP
10 Pistols
15 pull ups
You will have a score for your total rounds of both AMRAPs combined and a score for the 800m run.


  1. Good Morning.......

    Great pictures Sarah!

    Go Team Domination.......keep your eye on the Big Picture......a Leaner, Healthier and Stronger YOU!!!!!!

  2. Cindy and Mary kicked my butt at 5:00am! Great Mod Wod Amy! :-)

  3. Today's wod:
    Strength- worked up to #135
    5 min Cindy- 7+5
    800 M run- 3:29
    5 min Mary- 2+1 RX (15# plate under feet for pistols) not sure if that still counts as RX.

    Also completed 75 GHD sit-ups

  4. WOD from home: accumulated total of 3 miles walking, 50 strict presses in the garage with 45lb throughout the day in between writing a paper, lots of bear crawling and duck walking with little Asa, and some stretching!

    Just made Paleo sweet potato chili. Weather still seems to warm for it, but Asa wanted it!

  5. Endurance
    5 min Cindy- 5+7
    800 M run- 3:44 - thanks Anna for the push
    5 min Mary- 2+6 (did 20 airsquats instead of pistols.
    ! Go Team Domination!

  6. Just a strength day for me today. Saving the knees for this half marathon coming up...

    FS/BS - 4 working sets, then 145,145,155,155