Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Exciting things happening this week! The October Benchmark Challenge kicks off tomorrow with our first benchmark wod! What do you think it will be? Who will complete all of the benchmarks?
Sign up for Friday night's wod and potluck on the whiteboard!
EMOM 16 min
Even: 2 power cleans + 1 hang squat clean 135/95
Odd: 10 KB SDHP 53/35 (or heavier if you like)


  1. Good Morning,

    Well it is the last day of Sept and the last day of our Paleo Challenge! I hope everyone is feeling Leaner,Healthier and Stronger!! I had some blood work done and I am happy to say that my bad Cholesterol (LDL) is down 7 points,good Cholesterol (HDL) is up 3 points and my Triglycerides down 5 points. My blood work is proof that eating Paleo is a healthy way of eating!!!

    Have a great day!

    Go Team Domination!!

    1. That is fantastic news Kristi!

      !Go Team Domination!

    2. Wow Kristi! That's reason enough to stay the course! Great job!

  2. Joined 5:45 class!
    WOD - 135# cleans/75# KB SDHP

  3. Day 1/week 4 of pull-up
    Challenge. Yeah I missed a couple of posts on the pull-up challenge but I figure that is no reason to quit. I think the overall purpose of the challenge is to make me more fit! So that is what I'm going for now...even though I was really hoping for that car! :)

    Today L pull-ups went well.
    1 neg
    1 neg
    Max L (4 L)

  4. Today's WOD
    16 minute EMOM
    Even - 2 power cleans + 1 hang squat clean
    Odd- 10 sumo deadlift high pull
    Prescribed weight for cleans-135
    Prescribed weight for sumo deadlift high pull-53

    I did 135/70! I wanted that "RX+"!! Got
    It. First few rounds felt very manageable but those last few rounds I really had to focus on maintains correct form for good reps because the fatigue set in. The good thing though, is that 135 is feeling lighter and lighter. Awesome workout!

  5. Nice to see the 5:00 am crew today! Been away too long, its gonna hurt for a while, but excited to see all those who provide motivation today (Asa, Carmen, Katie, Claire, Harley, Jenny, Alma, Jason).

    Today's WOD
    16 minute EMOM
    Even - 2 power cleans + 1 hang squat clean [53lb bar]
    Odd - 10 sumo deadlift high pulls [35lb kettlebell]

    There's no shame in trying........I'm expecting the confidence to return in due time.

  6. Great class this morning with Samantha W., Drew and Jesus.
    16 minute EMOM
    Even - 2 power cleans + 1 hang power clean 95#
    Odd- 10 sumo deadlift high pull 35#

    Pull ups
    6L, 1 neg,1 neg, 5L, Max L (5 )

  7. Lots of walking and toddler squats, didn't keep count. Also did tabata push press in the garage again with 15kg bar.
    Looking forward to doing the first benchmark tomorrow!
    Taste and Trade was pretty fun. Found some Paleo options at the barbeque booths and some grilled chicken too.