Saturday, September 6, 2014

100 kettlebell swings for time 53/35
every minute on the minute stop and perform 5 burpees


  1. Happy Saturday!! It has been a great first week of the Challenge. We have to stay focused on the big feel Leaner, Healthier and Stronger!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Loved this workout!
    6:36 with a 26lb KB

  3. WOD - clean & jerk PR 198# up from 185#
    Muscle snatch PR 132# (never really tried to PR on that one before)
    Great day!

    1. Squat clean PR of 209# up from 195#. Missed the jerk, but I just realized it was still a PR! Really great day!

  4. B: almonds and oranges
    Brunch: eggs, sweet potato, kale
    S: grapes, pineapple
    D: leftover roasted chicken, spinach, peppers, carrots
    Ready for bed and it's only 7:30!

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  7. Really hating this phone right now.

    Only ate a banana and coconut water for breakfast since I went to oly class this morning. I PR'd on my OHS 105lbs (I know I suck at them). Good class overall. Also put two baby cribs along with 50 burpees.
    Lunch - 2 scrambled eggs and tuna

    Snacks- orange, banana, pistachios, almonds, and celery.

    Dinner- grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato, and sautéed in evoo zucchini & squash.

    Team Pride

  8. Put two cribs together is what I meant to say. That's it I need a new phone.

  9. hello!! this week i made it to cfnm 5 times!!! this mornings sod was a real treat! i completed it in 13 minutes. first 2 rounds with#53, then switched to #45. too bad those burpees did not count to my 1,000.
    b-3 eggs 4th avocado
    l- sweet potato,bison
    s-banana, nuts
    d- chiloso, pork bowl, yummmm,guac
    now i just had a few grapes since my family was eating ice cream that i made them. i had not even a lick!!!!
    -team pride,jennifer guthrie

  10. Good job on the PR's, Asa!

    I didn't WOD today, ran 20 miles instead...the first half of my run was great! Second half, not so much. Think I just ran out of gas. Anyone know of any good resources on endurance athletes and paleo???
    -Team Pride

    1. No WOD? :)
      I think 20 miles should count for 3 or 4!!
      Amy can send you in the right direction for Paleo/ endurance if you are looking for a book.
      I would say sweet potato it !