Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 10 of the CrossFit North Mesquite Instagram Challenge! We are wrapping up the challenge with inspiration! Look back at what all you have achieved since you started CrossFit. You can post a before/after pic, just a pic of you flexing now, or doing something awesome and inspirational! Give us a visual of how this has changed your life! Talina's is a great story and you can read more about her journey here!

A1) Find 1RM Shoulder Press

A2) 4 rounds for time:
10 KB or DB push press/arm
1 min jump rope (DU or SU)


Push press 75/45
between each round perform 5 burpees and run 200m

Cool down
calf stretch 2 min each leg
hamstring stretch 2 min
Banded OH shoulder distraction 1 min/side



  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone had a successful 1st day of the challenge. If you prepare your meals for the week it helps to keep you on track to being leaner,healthier and stronger!!!

    Go Team Charmaine...........Strong Starts Here!!

  2. Question- if you are doing the burpee challenge do burpees in the wod count? I don't think so but wanted to check as heaven forbid I do extra burpess!!

    1. :-) burpees in the wod do not count. Just think how much more awesome your burpees will be!

  3. Sort of bummed. No PRs for me on BS or SP. I guess everyone used them all up yesterday. Oh well. Must work harder, sleep & fuel better.

  4. Did part B
    13:31 modified with 35# push press, 5 front squats with 35#, and 200m power walk

  5. B: eggs and sweet potato
    S: banana almonds
    L: salad, chicken, avocado
    S: apple more almonds
    D: fajita meat with tons of veggies and avacado

    1. Oh, and 30 burpees for the burpee challenge!

  6. b: eggs and bacon
    l: porkchop and broccoli
    d: steak and salad

    stay strong and rock this challenge, everyone...we will feel way better soon! go Pride!
    try to focus on what you CAN have as opposed to what you might be a great time to try that exotic meat you've been hearing you can find it on our paleo list!

    1. Good idea Lewis! I don't recommend heart though. That one made me kind of gag for a few days...

  7. WOD B:
    14:15 @ 35#, rowed 250 m, and mod burpees
    35 Burpees for the challenge (total of 65)

    B: eggs, spinach, and sweet potato
    S: banana and pistachios
    L: tilapia, broc, and green beans
    S: apple more pistachios
    D: buffalo chicken salad over spinach and an orange for dessert.

  8. Paleo/Burpee Challenge Extravaganza!!!

    5:45 AM - 25 Burpees

    B: 2 eggs, 1 avacado. water and black coffee
    L: Grilled chicken breast appx 12 oz, raw veggie medley (broccoli, tomato, beets, carrots) appx. 12 oz and water
    S: Almonds and water

    5:30 METCON: 15:58 @ 60#

    D: Grilled chicken, spinach salad (raw no dressing) sweet potato and water


  9. Grilled Chicken & Green Beans stir fry and sliced cucumbers with lemon. Even enough was left over for lunch. Oh and I PR'd on the shoulder press with 195 pounds.
    Nick Team Pride

  10. Go Pride! Looks like our team is the only one representing so far... Let's keep it strong!!
    WOD - mobility. "active rest" was too much yesterday...

    Great to see some Awesome PR's today!

  11. Had a great 5:30 WOD tonight. Still sore from Monday's WOD!
    Breakfast-2 eggs slices of Avocado
    Lunch-Dry Tuna 2 Boiled eggs
    Dinner-Salmon & veggies

    Let's go Team Charmaine!!! We got this guys!!