Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 8 of the CrossFit North Mesquite Instagram Challenge: Invite a friend or even a stranger to participate in this challenge with you! They will learn more about a healthy lifestyle that involves nutritious food choices and lots of activity. And you will get to share your new healthy lifestyle!
Asa met a woman at Starbucks in Mesquite and they did a mini squat wod!

We are closed today in observance of Labor Day!

Join us for ONE WOD at 9 am.

Trevor Win’E
In teams of 4 complete:
300 pullups
400 pushups
500 sit-ups
600 squats
September Events CrossFit North Mesquite! Mark your calendars!
9/1 1000 Burpee Challenge! Find a partner and complete 1000 burpees together! You have the whole month of September! Get your names up on the Challenge board!
9/2 Strict & Simple Nutrition Challenge kicks off! Some of our most disciplined athletes and coaches will take on a 28 day challenge committing to eating only Paleo foods!
9/27 Member's Only Team Competition: Sign up on the whiteboard!
9/30 Mesquite Chamber Taste & Trade 4pm-8pm at the Mesquite Convention Center: Dr. Asa has a booth at this event. And it will be a fun way to conclude the Nutrition Challenge!

Mark your calendar for Friday October 3rd while you are at it!
We are starting a fun, new CFNM Community Potluck WOD on the first Friday of each month!
Here's how it will work:

When: First Friday of each month (starting October 3rd)
Time: 6:30pm
WOD: Max out on a lift, then choose either a Hero WOD or a girl.

After the WOD, we will eat and socialize! We will supply the meat, but in order to participate in the wod, you must bring a Paleo potluck side dish. This will be a great time for coaches and athletes to meet new members, socialize, and just hang out. Look for a sign up whiteboard at the end of September!


  1. Good Morning and Happy Labor day!!

    Wow....we have alot of exciting things going on at the box the month of September. What a great time to be a member of CFNM!! :-) LOVE IT!!!

    Have a fun and safe Labor Day.

  2. Go Team Julie Z, Karen "Cupcake", Bob!
    35:02 modified

  3. Great workout Queen B's..........Angela, JoLynn,Jenn and myself!!! :-0)

  4. Got to fit in a wod!
    Row 1000m
    air squats & behind the neck snatch grip presses
    front squats & strict presses
    Wall balls
    200ft DB waiter walk between each round alternating arms 20#
    All work was for quality and not really time as catching my breath when I sped up was difficult. So I just slowed down and made it all for quality!

    Heard it was a huge turnout this morning! Super excited about all the fun events in September!