Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 9 of the CrossFit North Mesquite Instagram Challenge! Let's see your most creative handstand pictures! If you are not ready to get vertical, show us your best plank picture.
There are 3 people in this picture too!
"Twelve weeks have flown by - summer is unofficially over, school has started, and our 12 week strength cycle has come to an end.  This week we'll test for a 1RM in the back squat on Tuesday, strict press on Wednesday, and deadlift on Friday.  As always, proper form is stressed over the amount of weight you use.  Yes, this is for maximum effort, but injuries during maximum effort are not what we, or you, want.  For your 1RM squat, WORK WITH A PARTNER.  If your partner is uncomfortable spotting you for your maximum attempt, ask a coach to spot you.  Take your time, focus on your form, and set some new PRs this week!"-Coach George

After mobility, you have the entire hour to complete your 1rm part A1 and A2. If you chose endurance over strength for the majority of the workouts over the past 12 weeks you can choose wod B.

A1) Find your 1RM Back Squat

A2) 4 rounds for time:
10 GHD back extensions or supermans
10 Toes to bar


B) 20 min AMRAP
10 Goblet squats 53/35
15 KB swings 53/35
20 mountain climbers

cool down
2 min calf stretch/leg
2 min hamstring stretch
1 min box shoulder stretch




  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor weekend.

    Today is the first day of of the S&SN Challenge. I'm very excited and I know with Charmaine as our "Captian" we will "Make It Happen"!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Clarification: not twins! Look closely and you can see little Asa behind me in the picture.

    1. That is a great picture! I see all 3 of you! :-)

  3. It took me a sec to zoom in but I see him! Heehee!! I need to use an old pic lol I was not planning on going any where today! I'll try to put my clever cap on around here and think!

  4. Good morning and a great day to start the Paleo challenge! 2 scrambled eggs with a little hatch green chile, a cup of black coffee and of course water for this guys breakfast!

    John B - Team Asa!!!

    1. Awesome! Great start with eggs, sweet potatoes, and lots of water!

      Who is sore from yesterday?!?!

      Go Team Pride!!

    2. MEEEEEEEEEEEE! holycrap! so sore! But I still managed to PR that backsquat baby! woohooooooooo! BTW you KILLED it for us yesterday!! Thanks for all your help when I could not airsquat the last 60. lol!!!! #stupidcramps

  5. Day 1 of the Paleo Challenge couldn't have started better! I don't think I have ever witnessed so many PR's! Holy smokes that strength cycle was certainly effective!
    I got to work out with Jason, Patsy and Dael at 5:45.
    Workout B
    9+5 with a 16lb KB and 50 ft bear walk instead of mountain climbers

    I was driving home on cloud 9 (so excited about all the back squat PR's) and starving! Asa had breakfast ready when I walked in the door! Sweet potatoes and eggs! Plan on doing some more meal prep today!

  6. For breakfast I had four boiled eggs (apologies in advance), a banana, and coconut water.
    Nick Team Asa aka Team Pride

  7. Just sat down after a great lunch! 10 baby carrots, sliced, unseasoned, smoked pork loin, a boiled egg and lots of water!

    John - Team Pride

    1. And I finally figured out how to sin in to the blog! Great day!

  8. My measurements will not be provided to Team Pride as I figure they will be quite larger in certain areas as the weeks go by. With that said, DAY 1 has been easy for me. I have needed to get simple stupid for a loooonnnnngggg time.
    WOD -
    Calf Stretch
    Workout B - 8+25 (26# KB, mod w/ bear crawls instead of mtn climbers)
    Water (I was super dehydrated this morning)
    Calf Stretch, Hamstring stretch, and shoulder stretch
    Break - 2 eggs, 1/2 c sweet potato, 1/2 c zucchini, black tea + water
    Snack - Apple + 1 tbsp. almond butter
    Lunch - Roast, carrots, and celery
    Snack - TBD
    Dinner - TBD
    Burpee Challenge - 20 mod burpees in the p.m.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Carmen, I'll do 20 burpees tonight too!

  9. Active rest
    20 min AMRAP
    11 rounds with. 18 # kb

    Then watched Yessenia get a 200# back squat!!

  10. B: eggs and sweet potato
    S: apple, almonds
    L: 1/2 sweet potato, chicken, avocado
    S: banana, almonds
    D: chicken, spinach, carrots, avocado
    lots of water and ready for bed!

  11. Breakfast: sausage w/spinach, almonds and apple
    Lunch: turkey wraps in romaine, carrots, cauliflower, guac
    Dinner: scrambled egg w/chicken sausage & cabbage, squash/zucchini, sweet potato - probably a handful of blueberries

    Backsquat PR this morning....planning on leaner and stronger by the end of September!

    1. Great job Lynda on your PR!!! :-)

  12. Awesome on the PR's today. Haven't been able to prep visiting my neice at the hospital. So I kept it simple, tuna and avocado for lunch and dinner. Snacked on grapes and nuts, oh and lots of water. #team pride.

  13. Breakfast-2 boiled eggs,water and coffee
    Lunch-2 boiled eggs, carrots and green beans and water
    Snack-1 boiled egg and water
    Dinner- 2 boiled,avocado and water

    Great 6;30 workout!
    Go Team Charmaine!! We need to think of a Great name for our Awesome Coach and Super team mates

  14. great first day!
    skipped breakfast for dr. appointment
    Lunch: hamburger patty with a salad made of spinach, cuke, tomato, and mushrooms
    Dinner: grilled pork chop and broccoli...and of course made enough for lunch tomorrow.
    had a nice PR on my back squat, went from 335 last time to 355!
    go Team Asa!...the Pride(just trying it on)