Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nick R: Instagram Challenge Winner

Ashley B: Instagram Challenge Winner

Congratulations to the winners of our first CrossFit North Mesquite Instagram Challenge!
We had several participants and as promised we selected 2 random participants to win a CrossFit North Mesquite care package. What's in that care package, you ask?

  • a speed rope!
  • a half dome foam roller!
  • and a coupon for 1/2 off your next month's CrossFit tuition!

Congratulations to Nick R and Ashley B!
Thanks to everyone who participated! We can't wait for the next one! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and search #crossfitnorthmesquite to see everyone's awesome challenge pics!

A) For Quality
30-20-10 KBS
After each round complete a 200m farmer carry

B) Pull Up Work
If you do not have a strict pull up, stick with the first column. A negative starts with the chin above the bar, then lower yourself as slowly as possible until the elbows are fully extended.

If you can do 3-5 strict pull ups, you will follow column 2. If you have more than 5 strict pull ups, you will follow column 3. Those following columns 2 and 3 will perform all negatives with their legs in the L position and attempt L pull ups.


  1. Good Morning.

    Congrats to Ashley B (Go Team Domination) and Nick!! You guys did great!

    B-Egg Casserole
    L-Dry Tuna and veggies
    D-Eggs and Bacon
    Lots of H20

    I look forward to Yoga tonight and another 20 burpees.

    Team Domination we WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

    It's hard to believe it has been 13 years since 9-11. Let's keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers as we go through our day today!

    1. ...and Nick (Go Team Pride)!! ha :))

    2. Congrats Nick.
      Way to go Ashley! Team Domination all the way!!

  2. Completed day 2 of the pull-up challenge today. I already feel my L Pull-up improving! Watch out coaches, I'm trying to win that car!

    1. after 53 # KBs for your 30-20-10 and then 75# DBs for your farmers carries?
      It wasn't for time thank goodness, but I'd like to see who else can carry 150#s 600m today!!

      Go Team Pride!

    2. Rooooar! Look who else did 53 lbs on the KB and 75 on each arm. It was for quality but my time was 21:14. That was WOD was tough! Oh and I did day 2 of the pull up challange!
      Team Pride

  3. WOD - 16:54 (I know it was for quality, but when you are doing farmer's carries its nice to it will end...)
    53# KB, and yes Jason Connor you inspired me to use the 75# DBs
    my technique was to carry them in 50m sets, never shorter or longer and that helped tremendously!

    Go Team Pride!!

    1. Yes after the 30-20-10 KB swings and 600 meters (#53/#150-21:00)! It was brutal. But I was able to recover from the WOD for atleast an hour before completing day 2 of the pull-up challenge. The rest made a huge difference.

    2. Also...great job coach Asa!!! Great time on the WOD.

  4. Check out the Fat Guy!!!!! All jokes aside I'm glad Pride was able to rep on the challenge.
    Not being able to do mobility at home is no longer an excuse. Thanks CFNM!!
    Nick- Team Pride

  5. Today's lunch a tossed green salad, grilled chicken breast, and sliced tomatoes Uhm yummy. Go team domination

  6. 4 eggs, 2 avacados and a sweet potato!! I was a hungry lion today!


  7. I had a great wod today with Abram and coach Amy. I started off with the 60 pound dumbbells, did 200 meters and then changed over to the 53 pound kettlebells. Great quality work. I'll call this wod the grip builder.

  8. Holy smokes! That was a hard workout! I used 35# KB for the swings and 30# DBs for the farmer carry.

    B: eggs, 1/2 banana (shared it with little Asa)
    S: apple, almonds
    L: salmon with mixed veggies
    S: shared another banana with little Asa
    D: making now! ground beef, mixed veggie stir fry in coconut oil

    Sounds like both teams are doing awesome! Stay strong everyone!

    1. Almost forgot, not doing the pull up part. L pull ups and negatives are not comfortable. I mean, I can handle it, it's just that I think the baby doesn't like it. haha, kidding!
      So did 3x8 Back Extensions instead.

  9. I did the pull up progression today 2L, 1, 1, 2, 1 negative - it was hard to control descent on the negative - definitely some core work.
    Team Domination!

  10. Another week of excellent WOD's👌 I was finally able to catch up on my burpees today ,for the burpee challenge ... That leaves me with 475 to go!!💪💪 @John.B
    Let's go team Domination!!!

  11. way to go IG challenge winners!!!! Todays wod was great #35 kbs, #40 dumbbells in each hand. Did my negative pull-up progressions. my food today was awesome! team Pride!! -Jenn G