Friday, September 26, 2014

No classes tomorrow. Come cheer on the competitors at 8am instead!
Is CrossFit dangerous? Life is dangerous. You can sustain an injury doing just about anything. It is important to distinguish why you are doing CrossFit. Are you doing this for fitness and the occasional fun competition? Or are you training for the games? The difference is that those training for the games are taking more risk in their daily training. Regardless of your goals, it is imperative to listen to your body. Talk to your coaches about any aches or pains. The beauty of CrossFit is modification! Sure, we want to do RX! But at what expense? Does your job require you to do those pull ups, that 400m run, or those squats? No matter what version of the wod you are doing, you are increasing your fitness level! Think Amy likes working out with a 33lb bar? Nope, but she is listening to her body! Sometimes life just requires some modification.  Keep in mind that it is not forever.
"Although stories of injuries sustained doing CrossFit run rampant on the internet, these same injuries and much worse are seen in our favorite sports and recreational activities. Personally, I’ve had more severe injuries over my years competing in gymnastics than in CrossFit, but no one ever suggested I should stop doing gymnastics". -Julie Foucher, CrossFit Games competitor
"...there are about 2-3 injuries from snow sports per 1000 participants per day. When high-profile skiing accidents bring scrutiny to the danger of winter sports, the International Society for Skiing Safety responds appropriately by advocating professional instruction, taking your time, and using correct equipment as ways to decrease the risk of injury".- Julie Foucher (READ MORE)
Our goal is to help you achieve your optimal level of fitness while maintaining the safest environment and safest body mechanics possible.  We incorporate active mobility, wod specific warm ups, and flexibility cool downs in an effort to prevent injury and maximize performance for each individual.  We have a chiropractor on hand who oversees our mobility and recovery programming to ensure that we are setting ourselves up for success.
This is a lifestyle, not a 1 hour fitness regimen. If you are not incorporating movement and mobility throughout your day outside of CrossFit, you are doing it wrong. Get up from your desk as much as possible throughout the day. Move, mobilize, drink water, rest! Come to YOGA!
You have to do your part and communicate with your coach, avoid overtraining, put that ego aside, and spend extra time outside of the gym on recovery-aka: hydration, sleep, mobility, movement, and NUTRITION! Make sure that your body is HEALTHY! It's the only one you've got!
100' HS walk (bear crawl) + 1 rope climb (3 rope pulls), then
3 rounds for time:
10 box jumps or step ups 24/20
15 KBS 53/35
100' HS walk (bear crawl) + 1 rope climb (3 rope pulls)
HS walks and rope climbs are not timed
calves 2 min each leg
hamstrings 2-4 min
Banded shoulder distraction 1 min each arm


  1. Ha!! Good morning! And yay! And I'm first!! Love the WOD today! Can't wait to come in and give it a try! I think my arm will let me climb! Fingers crossed!

  2. Happy Friday!!!

    Great information......we need to listen to our bodies more!!!

    Last night I finished my 500 burpees! YEE HAW!!! Feels so good! :-)

    Looking forward to being a Judge for the Competition on Sat.. We have so many AMAZING athletes at CFNM is will be a GREAT Competition!! I hope everyone will come to CHEER everyone on!!

    Have a great weekend and Good Luck to all the competitors!!!

    Fingers Crossed Karen! :-)

    Go Team Domination!!

  3. Modified WOD:
    100 ft duck walk
    10 box jumps, 20", with hands on hips
    15 Russiam KB swings w/35#
    100 ft duck walk
    4x6 GHD sit-ups w/ 8# med ball

    Love all the great info Amy! I really wanted to do the handstand walks but it's best I wait. The last two weeks of modified WODs have been great.

  4. Dear Fellow Competitors,
    The State Fair opens today. Please remember to go get wasted and eat a bunch of crap fried foods.

  5. Happy Birthday Carlos Delgado. Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

  6. Happy Friday to every one!!!
    We finish the burpee challange today.
    I'm very happy to report my first rope climb, thank you Charmaine for the tips.

  7. Happy birthday Carlos!

    Thank Lewis next time you see him in class! He straightened out our crooked barbells!

    bear crawls with rope pulls
    3:18 with step ups onto 20" box and 35lb kb

    going to see how much extra activity I can get in today. I started a timer on my watch this morning when little Asa and I went for our walk. I am stopping it every time I have to sit, drive, or be inactive. I have accumulated 2.5 hours so far of activity. Interested to see how much I can accumulate throughout the day! Will calf stretch as I type so I can restart my clock!

  8. Fun WOD today. Was able to get about 70 ft. on my first handstand walk! PR!

  9. WOD - beat down. I mean rest day.