Thursday, September 25, 2014

There will be no Saturday 8:30am CrossFit Class and no 9:30am Olympic Lifting class this Saturday. Come cheer on the competitors at 8am instead!  

Make sure to sign up for the Community Potluck WOD! Sign up sheet is up at the box.
When: Friday, October 3rd
Time: 6:30pm
WOD: Max out on a lift, then choose either a Hero WOD or a girl.
After the WOD, we will eat and socialize! We will supply the meat, but in order to participate in the wod, you must bring a Paleo potluck side dish. This will be a great time for coaches and athletes to meet new members, socialize, and just hang out.
A) 3 min AMRAP of burpees
Rest 2 min
6 min AMRAP of:
3 power cleans 115/75
6 hang power cleans
3 thrusters
Today's burpees count toward the challenge! So maybe some of you can wrap it up!
B) Pull up progression work


  1. Ha! First to comment yes! Good morning and good luck to everyone today on this WOD. I love burpees!!

    1. I was up at 3:25 looking at the blog.. lol I guess I should have commented!!!!

    2. Hey Jason,
      What are your WOD numbers today? I gotta have a time to beat :-).

  2. Good Morning.......

    We can start calling you Early Bird Jason!!

    I'll have to say.....loving burpees.......hmmmm....not so much!!! I will be glad to complete my 500 at today's 5:30pm WOD....I only have 40 to go!!!

    Have a great day everyone.

    Go Team Domination!!

    1. Way to sleep in Kristi! You just keep letting Jason have the first word :)

  3. I got 44 reverse burpees, without rolling, and did a 6 min AMRAP of:
    3 good mornings with a 45# bar
    6 DB hang power cleans
    3 DB thrusters
    DB work was with only right arm and with a 30# DB
    Completed a total of 6 rounds.

  4. I must say, I really wish I could compete this weekend. :-(
    I am however, excited for all competitors. Wishing everyone the best of luck and the most fun.

    1. No worries Alma :-). You will be back stronger than ever!

      In the meantime you will dominate the judging this weekend. I know you have been practicing your "no rep" face in the mirror. I hope you're not our judge, lol, kidding.

    2. Lol. I was kidding about the mirror. It will be fun.
      Thank you Charmaine. ♥

  5. Active rest day today, so I can be ready to Judge this Saturday :)
    5 rounds of CTB, ring dips, GHD back extensions
    strict chest to bar: 8,7,6,7,8
    ring dips: 8,7,6,7,8
    GHD back extensions: 20,20,20,20,20

    Now on to some burpees... We are at 503 this morning, but I'll keep you posted where we are throughout the day!

  6. Had a great workout tonight - did 52 burpees; 6 min amrap - 5+3 Rx. The pull-up progressions were a lot harder than I expected - did first two sets unbroken, then negatives, had to break up last set into 4 and 2.
    ! Go Team Domination!

  7. Did 25 more burpees.
    Yoga was fun.

    Go Team Pride!