Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind.  Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility." -Gary Sneider

Go for a walk today. Not a brisk, get my heart rate up, work up a sweat walk. Enjoy the walk and your surroundings. Think about back when humans had to walk everywhere. What would your life be like if you had to walk everywhere?


  1. Happy Sunday.

    I love walking and it is a great way to relieve stress.

    We have a little over a week left on the Paleo Challenge and the 1000 Burpee Challenge. Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

    Go Team Domination!

  2. WOD - long run NOT! But little Asa didn't get up until 8:05am. A good 10 hours of sleep.

  3. Walked for almost 12 hours! Ok, had to work at the hospital today. Next week I am going to actually add up all the time spent walking, I'll stop the clock every time I sit.

  4. I've been standing at my desk since 8am... and taking pictures for around 3 hours of it! Thats a lot of walking, yeah? lol