Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7 rounds for time:
3 push ups
3 strict pull ups
50 double unders
40 med ball sit ups
30 OHS 45
20 pull ups
10 grasshoppers

Pull up week 6 day 1

Post your results to the comments.


  1. Good Morning. Love this cooler weather.

    Make it a great day! :-)

  2. My mind said this looks easy....my arms disagreed.

  3. I agree Kristi! I love this weather!!!
    Great classes this morning!
    WOD- modified
    RR, push ups on box, 150 step ups onto 6" box, knees to waist, OHS 33lb, kipping pull ups, mod grasshoppers
    I forgot my time? 12:19 I think?

  4. Who's chest is sore from yesterday? Holy smokes!

  5. 5:45 WOD today. Rx and I think my time was 11:06. Quads were tired from yesterday.

  6. Looks like I am officially on limited light duty again. :'(
    Today's WOD was modified I did:
    7 rounds of 3 ring rows, feet way out and 3 sit ups
    50 DU
    40 med ball sit ups with 12#, should've used 14#
    30 back squats with 65#
    20 pistols and 10 grasshoppers
    Time was 10:25

    I did however, get my DUs back!

  7. 7:29RX - pushs up and pull ups were suprisingly harder than I expected - fast workout :-)

  8. Running WOD today:
    1 mile to track, then
    400 m run, 50 squats, 400 m run, 50 sit ups... 40,40,30,30,20,20,10,10
    Running Annie with squats... Good times. Only thing that would have made it better is if Travis weren't so fast on those runs. 4.25 miles roughly?

  9. Great workout tonight.
    Mod Wod