Thursday, October 9, 2014

Death by Power Clean
rx 155/105
int 105/75
beg 65/35
If you are unable to complete 12 rounds with this weight, drop the weight and start over.
"Death by" means 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute. Continue for as long as you are able to complete the prescribed reps within the minute.
Pull up progression when finished.


  1. Ha! Good morning everyone! Have a great workout.

  2. are nuts! :-) Happy Friday Eve! Looking forward to Yoga tonight. It is a great way to almost end a week of benchmark workouts!

    Make it a great day!

  3. Awesome job this morning's 5am and 5:45am! However, we have yet to see someone get to the 12th round. And for some reason no one wants to start over after getting to the 9th and 10th rounds...

    1. Dangit....I stopped at 11 when I saw everyone else putting their weight up. Wasn't thinking clearly. Argh! Thanks for the coaching, Asa....felt a big difference in the hips and with bringing the bar up to rest on my shoulders like a front squat.

      Also on week 2, day 2 of the L pullup schedule (modified - knees up).

  4. I'm guessing Grace is out for tomorrow. Hoping it's something without pull-ups. C'mon Karen!!!
    Home WOD this morning for me. Short run and some pull-up work followed up with a breathtaking dip in pool. Brrr!!

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  6. 12+12 @ #115

    Week 5, day 2 pull-ups

    Awesome workout!

  7. Glad my neck tightness let go enough for me to get this wod in! I LOVE this kind of wod!!! So fun! Did #65 because #75 pissed off the arm, and I was three seconds shy of finishing the 12 within 12 minutes.... because my silly little arms decided to charley horse up! STILL an awesome wod!!! Special thanks to Asa for working on the neck one more time today so hopefully all of the kinks will be out of it!

  8. A) Jackie Rx - 9:34 (I think Jason's time was right and Jay/Travis miscounted, ha!) think my first time so PR
    B) death by clean Rx - 7 rounds, moved to 135# and started over - 8 rounds. Did not start over 3rd time

  9. Another great Yoga class tonight..........Thanks Asa! :-)

    Have a great night everyone.