Tuesday, October 28, 2014

EMOM 10 min
Even: 20 sec ring support
Odd: 6 kipping swings
Snatch grip dead lift (bar)
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance
KBS 53/35
Max time ring hold x 3 attempts
Make sure to sign up for our next Community Potluck WOD on the whiteboard!
When: Friday, November 7
Time: 6:30pm
WOD: Max out on a lift, then choose either a Hero WOD or a girl.
After the WOD, we will eat and socialize! We will supply the meat, but in order to participate in the wod, you must bring a Paleo potluck side dish. This will be a great time for coaches and athletes to meet new members, socialize, and just hang out.


  1. Good Morning.

    Everyone listed great times for "Karen" yesterday! Lots of PR's.....WAY TO GO!!

    If you didn't attend the last CFNM Pot Luck.......you missed out!! So do miss out on the next one!! :-)

    Have a great day!

    1. Good food, good people - we had a great time. You definitely do not want to miss out on this one!

  2. fun Tabata today. (Did really just say a tabata was fun?LOL) I was super light... #45 with the bar on dl, #20 on bar for ms, and #15 bar for sb, and the kb was only #18. My arm cant take more than that! But I really enjoyed it! also liked the emon!! wishing we had a single bar NOT on a wall, so I could have practiced actual kip ups today! that would have made my universe! #gymnasticsisinmysoul

  3. Tabata Tues - tried to focus on good technique throughout the movements today - 45# DL 6, Muscle snatch 3, snatch balance 3, 45# KB swing 6.

  4. Did the 6:30pm Tabata MOD WOD.

    33#DL 10
    15#MS 8
    15# Behind the Neck snatch grip press 7
    26# KBS 8

    I think those were my numbers. It was a great workout.