Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stretch a little today, walk, stretch some more, and walk some more.

Sitting is the New Smoking.


  1. Lots of stretching today, then some limping around (I mean walking), then some more stretching!

    1. After running 1/2 marathon I think you deserver the right to limp! In my past life I have ran/walked a 1/2 and a whole marathon (thanks to my dear friend Carol) and I remember the day after......pretty brutal!!! You guys did great!!!

  2. Good Mornig everyone!! For those of you who ran the 1/2 marathon yesterday (Katie,Travis,ASA and Jenn) you guys earn the right to take the day off!! You guys did great!!!

    To the rest of us SLACKERS (myself included) we need to try to get up and move today.........haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Just kidding!!!

    This is our last week of Benchmarks! Let's make it a GREAT ONE!!!!

    Make it a great day!

    I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!!

  3. Posted my "Grace" results, but don't know what happened. Anyway 55# 4:10 20lb improvement!!!