Tuesday, October 21, 2014

T shirts! If you know you are either going to win or buy a benchmark t shirt, try on one of the shirts hanging by the med balls this week and get your name and size on the white board. Women's will be pink and men's will be blue. We are ordering them at the end of this week, so get your size on the board ASAP!

Deadlift 75/55
Hang power clean 75/55
Push press 75/55
KBS 53/35

V Up

We will be hosting a Sports Performance Coach Certification on the weekend of January 10-11, 2015.  Register HERE.                

This is USA Weightlifting’s entry level course and is open to anyone 17 years of age or older.
The Scope and Sequence of this course includes the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all associated movements. Participants will gain knowledge and experience of programming of training for both competitive weightlifters and for athletes using the weightlifting movements for strength and power development as it applies their chosen sport. The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical hands-on portions. Course duration is over one weekend and lasts approximately 13-14 hours divided between lecture and practical training. This course is applicable for Strength & Conditioning /Sports Performance, Health & Fitness and beginning level competitive Weightlifting Coaches. 



  1. Oh yeah! Good morning. Another great day for Crossfit!

  2. Good Morning......Happy Tuesday! Jason you are correct another great day of CrossFit!!!

    From the looks of the Benchmark times..........everyone conquered "FRAN"!!!! Nice job!

    Make it another great day!

  3. TABATA 10 deadlift w/ 55#
    9 hang cleans w/ 55#
    14 flutter kicks
    12 russian w/ 35#

  4. All eights Rx. Sandbagged a little too much on the DL & HPC. KBS got tough towards the end though. If I had it to do over, I'd man up a little more. Will pee sitting down for the rest of the day as punishment.

    1. Sounds like an appropriate punishment. Haha!

  5. Great workout this morning! This was my first time to get to work out with the 5am class!
    air squats 10
    20lb DB HPC 8
    33lb bar push press 10
    KBS 26lb 10
    great wod to recover from Fran!!

    Was amazed at the Fran Show yesterday!!! Lots of PR's!

  6. Loved the tabata workout before 5 am, hated the tabata workout after 5 am... Now I love it again. I will probably hate it tomorrow bec/ I am going to be so sore!!
    Tabata - RX 8, 8, 6, 8

  7. That was a fun wod! I was making some noise on the KB swings.... arms were getting tired by then! lol I had to do a lot of lower weights but did it all anyways! #55 14 on deadlift #33 bar for all the rest...7,8 #18 kb 9

  8. Tabata

    I'm feeling good!

  9. Tabata Rx'd - 12/7/5/5 (I lost all composure after the deadlifts...)

    earlier in the afternoon 3/6 (3 front squats/6 back squats) (day 2 from last week)
    warm up 45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,95,105,115,135,155,185,185 (153 squats in all, but up until 185 felt great)
    then 210,210,210

  10. Loved today's workout. Today was the first time I've done a WOD with RX weights!!!!! I'm so proud of the progress I'm making. Thanks to all the coaches for pushing and encouraging me.

    1. Congratulations Emily! We are super duper proud of your progress too!!